Internet Computer Honest Review $ICP – Is It worth $1 or $1000?

$ICP – Internet Computer Protocol Honest Review – Is it worth $1 or $1000?

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My take on Jerry Banfield Crypto honest reviews series
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Why is $ICP so amazing what is it really worth?
Will it go lower first to $1 and can it ever go back to all time high $1000
What is Jerry Banfield not looking at and getting wrong?
Always look at Tokenomics first
Emissions of the tokens is the most important thing to look at.
Look at circulating supply and transactions –

Use these tools to make sure you won’t get diluted –

Can $ICP get to $1000 or will it flop to $1 or less and why?

Did FTX role at the start of ICP trading really matter now?
The transaction and burn rate is what we need to focus on

Please keep in mind I am not a financial advisor, and this video isn’t financial advice in any shape or form. All things said in this video are only my own personal opinion. Therefore, before buying anything or making other financial decisions you should always do your own research.

30 gedachten over “Internet Computer Honest Review $ICP – Is It worth $1 or $1000?”

  1. SUBSCRIBED! i am mad fan of ICP too! in future most of crypto will use ICP network my guess

  2. 50% of ICP tokens are locked up, and most are locked up for 1 year or more, 1/5th are staked for 8 years. You need to take that into consideration.

  3. SOLOGENIC has the best tokenomics in crypto. fully distributed, and a lil is burned each transaction and for minting or issuing assets. Its deflationary actually, and at 9 cents a STEAL!!!

  4. He’s now sold all Bitcoin for ICP. His money has been slashed to pieces!

  5. My belief is since DAPPs have to pay in tokens if ICP token cost ever got to be high it would collapse the project. They need major inflation to keep token price low. This is actually a good thing for the project in the long run, but it’s terrible for investors.

  6. Thanks for the info I almost bought some today maybe I should hold off… liked and subscribed

  7. It doesn’t help you sound like a nutcase, trying to sell a national inquiry ad

  8. LoL. This didnt age well. ICP is already over $4. 😂

  9. It has a deflationary mechanism to burn the tokens.look at the burn rate now.

  10. Price is down because FTX manipulation, front running the launch!!!

  11. You forget one important thing! It can go 1T $ for short time and then dump, it can go 500b short time! Is crypto and any project ca go huge mc for short time

  12. developers burn to pay for user gas fees. as the number of developers continues to grow, the burned coins will increase exponentially. all devs will be on icp at some point.

  13. I'm curious, have you start accumulating already sir? or are you still waiting for 2 usd ICP?

  14. Its 99% off and you waited lol like wtf man i been buying icp my average is 3 bucks

  15. Imagine going car shopping and see a car thats 99% of and say well lets see if it goes down more in price 😂😂

  16. Icp was giga manipulated by ftx aswell. They listed perpetual swaps on it right before they even launch the actual icp token.

  17. Wow, I didn't realise the token supply was infinite, I was about to load up on this coin, thank you for your content.

  18. Below a dollar 🙂 Im buying now for 10 buks and stil cheap guys. There was a time that is was hodling 16 eth that was at that time 400 buks (all 16!). Sold it when it was around 550 😛

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