Internet Computer Doing Crazy Things With Bitcoin | News & Charts

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Join us as we dive into the world of ICP Internet Computer, analyzing the latest news, price trends, and charts. Discover what’s driving the market and learn about the future potential of this innovative cryptocurrency.

In today’s video we discuss what IC Hubs are, and DFINITY’s new $5 million grant for AI projects that are built on the Internet Computer.

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11 gedachten over “Internet Computer Doing Crazy Things With Bitcoin | News & Charts”

  1. i like when you said
    “the one and only dominic williams”
    today you put a little bit more exitment than usual, i think you should use a sound like people cheering or clapping after the annoucement to give the full emotion

  2. ❤❤❤ ICP will be the Amazon of blockchain services. Bullish

  3. Buy icp today is like buy ethereum for$9 no loose this opportunity

  4. ICP is a great project! Once the ETH integration is done, it will skyrocket!

  5. $ICP will have a great and massive comeback! Screenshot this…❤❤❤

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