Internet Computer – Blockchain Singularity

The Internet Computer is on its way to realizing Blockchain Singularity. A time in the future where most online systems and services will be built on the blockchain, and blockchain will play the role of a decentralized World Computer that will eat centralized technology.

00:00 Internet Computer History
00:56 Creating the World Computer
01:07 DFINITY Foundation
01:29 Internet Computer Mainnet Launch
02:00 Chain-Key Bitcoin (ckBTC)
02:14 Ethereum Integration
02:44 World’s first adapative Blockchain
03:23 ICP Ecosystem
03:34 Infinite scaling capabilities
03:43 Most efficient & sustainable Blockchain
04:06 Developer Community for Web3 Services
04:24 Secure by a unique consensus mechanism
04:28 Blockchain Singularity

More about the Internet Computer:

Interested in using ckBTC (Chain-Key Bitcoin)?

2 years have passed since ICP’s Genesis and the Internet Computer blockchain has shown incredible adoption and technological advancement. Developers have deployed more than 280,000 canister smart contracts and the network is currently processing half a billion transactions a day.

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  1. Goodbye web2. You've had a good run. But, during the last 4 years it's become apparent why centralized sources of networking need to go away.

  2. A very good current video for the anniversary. Thank you Dom for creating something that has huge potential for the future. 🎉

  3. just simply amazing work, best of luck with the future of this tremendous project .

  4. So far so good but we need decentralised ai to keep track of all this stuff.

  5. Nice to see you again Dominik in the new ICP promotion clip

  6. Congratulations on being a real blockchain project with real people and real advances in technology. Great things will hapen for ICP in the future 🙂

  7. Congratulations Dominic and Dfinity for everything you accomplished already 🎉👏

  8. Wait some year icp going zero. It's a fake and huge scam project 😡 internet computer cheats every people . Coin 99% down down all time wait 1year it's going 100% down. Totally dead project 😂

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