“Inflation Will Come Down SIGNIFICANTLY Soon” | Cathie Wood

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“Inflation Will Come Down SIGNIFICANTLY” | Cathie Wood

In an interview with CNBC, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest Cathie Wood shared her views on what’s going on with the economy. Cathie has been saying that we are in a recession long before news broke that the GDP fell for the second consecutive quarter. Cathie believes the fed is looking at all the wrong indicators, such as unemployment, which she believes lags behind what’s really going on in the economy. Although it has been announced that the GDP fell for two consecutive quarters, the Fed’s announcement of interest rates seems to have led to a rally in both the stock and crypto markets. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is currently trading at $23,800, which is up 4% in the past 24 hours. Earlier in the day, Bitcoin did break the $24,000 resistance. Ethereum is up 11.1% in the past 7 days, trading at $1,706 with many analysts believing it will rally to $2,000 soon. The market has been difficult to navigate, but Cathie believes we are in an inventory-led recession, which is quite different.
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14 gedachten over ““Inflation Will Come Down SIGNIFICANTLY Soon” | Cathie Wood”

  1. Kathy has been right about a lot of things like Tesla but she has been so wrong on inflation

  2. I think Cathie got scammed by coinbase worse than the retail investors that were caught up on their insider trading scam 😅

  3. What a joker. The last time she was correct in her financial predictions was about 24 months ago

  4. Growth is decelerating, but price levels will not revert to pre-pandemic levels. Stagflation due to massive debt and new draconian regulations

  5. Thier so called inventory recession was caused by policies, implemented by a certain Creepy Uncle, and his cohorts. This isn't going to get better.

  6. With all due respect Kathy wrong a lot of the time . The only thing that is going to reel inflation is is a harsh downturn in the economy . As long as the government keeps insanely spending nothing will change , They just passed a 800 B green new deal deal . I don't see anything being done to bring to costs down which is the number one driver of inflation . God help us all

  7. Cathie kicking ass at loosing money she is just trying to turn the narrative

  8. People that get through life without having to do real work are weird af

  9. I love this horrible prediction tips from people who don't know nothing about..

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