I’m Making $650 A DAY On Crypto Drake BALL, Still Early, DBALL Hidden Gem! DYOR!

Hey guys in this video I go over my latest results with Drake Ball NFT game. I did a video 5 days ago which was was received over 16,000 views so I wanted to make this video as a followup to that video to give you a progress report. The Holders is 10K, market-cap is only 20M and about 2000+ new holders per day. Honestly this project is still under the radar and IMO still early to get into not financial advice. I recommend you do your own research and decide soon. These profits will not last for ever.

Poocoin chart
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The opinions expressed in this YouTube video are for educational purposes only and not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education. Seek a qualified financial advisor for professional advice.

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  1. Is it still a good time to start now? The dball price is going down

  2. I have lost 4 fights in a row all 90% fights, 90% my a$$ lol

  3. Thanks for your help,
    I've managed to buy a character, I got Rarity 4, Stamina 12 on first roll!
    The whole process took me many beers and hair pulling to get binance to talk to pancake swap to drakeball but i got there in the end.
    I also managed to get in at the current drop at AU$13

  4. Price seems to be dropping extremely, would you still recommend getting in? I mean it's way cheaper to get in now of course but the chart looks like a huge gamble

  5. Thanks for your video,
    i have a couple of questions.

    From what I understand is that I can set up my initial account in Chrome, then once I have 4 cards, and then have 21 more dball, I can then send that 21 dball to my account in Brave?

    Then once brave is setup with 4 cards I can then do the same in firefox?

    Im probably answering my own question here.

    it costs .002 BNB to play? 0.002 BNB = 1.190490 AUD ( currently ) Can I swap Dball for BNB to play a more rounds without adding more fiat?

    so 16 games per browser = 16 x 0.002 BNB @ 1.190490 AUD = $19.04784 / day

    16 * $10 today = $160 – $19.04784 per browser = $84.571296 at a 60% win rate.

    $84.571296 x 3 browsers = $253.713888

    I think I can have more than one account per browser to play

  6. Can I play this on the phone? I was trying to buy 1 drakeball or 2 I have 33$ in Eth, and it says I don’t have enough Eth, drakebal is at 4,22$ now!


  8. It is not recomended anymore. Reducing 90 percent earning ang locking rewards early widrawal to 45 percent. 🤣 Like crypto blade and polkamonster not recommended for new players🤣🤣🤣

  9. This Game had so much potential. Unfortunately the Developers are too greedy on their share and well it became a SCAM Afterwards.
    They nerf in a half no1 nor 2 but 4 times rewards and they wanted us to keep on buying more items …..
    There is so many good games with really good people and descent people.
    Don't judge NFT games looking at this worthless project . Take it as a learning experience.
    And invest time in a really good game like Crypto cards, Aurory, Devkings, axie, monsta, plants .. there is so many
    So Sad Drake ball became a SCAM

  10. I said 1 week ago be warned, now it is happening for sure, don't think they will rug pull, but close, drake supporter their is a Dev, check dball now, they are milking it to the death… be warned do not invest in dball, p2e or fusion, same devs.
    Xpat keep up the good work bro just be careful of the above 👍

  11. I’m glad I only bought 1 of these garbage even that was to much. This is the 2nd time I’ve learned the hard way, that any project that promises to pay you like this is a scam ponzi that will crash 99% I will probably end up learning this a 3rd time. Because I am a degenerate psycho.

  12. bro, thanks for the infro, by the way , it is a profit game to go in now in October till December 2021?

  13. Hi please make an update to this game, there is already zeno world the comeback is stronger, please spread the news so that people who invested will be compensated

  14. If you still have any drakeball it is back to life and earning again. Devs did a lot of work to resurect

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