“I’m different , I am Bola Ahmed Tinubu” (Full Interview) – BBC Africa

Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC) is one of the country’s main contenders for the role of Nigeria’s next president alongside Abubakar Atiku of the main opposition PDP, Peter Obi, of the Labour Party and Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso of New Nigeria People’s Party.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a businessman and once a governor of Lagos state credited with transforming Nigeria’s commercial hub has been faced with accusations from the opposition as well as allegations of corruption, and health issues. Despite this, he asserts he is the man for the job.

As general election campaigns are underway in ahead of the Nigeria general elections, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been speaking to BBC Africa’s Peter Okwoche about the source of wealth, his priorities and why Nigerians should vote for him.

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  1. His reaction for me when they mentioned his opposition Peter Obi😂😂😂😂

  2. I think that Nigerians are doomed to have this guy as a president, we have so many Young people in Africa, why are we keeping on having old dudes to run us

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😢😥.
    "None of them are qualified except me" eyaaaa

  4. Man spoke the fact: best Governor of his class, most increased IGR and still the largest in Nigerian states toll date, None of the 2 clowns is qualified…

    1 a fromer president, whose boss accused of theft and ineffectiveness

    2 the anambra 2 time governor who invested state funds in his bank and then bought shares in a brewery, moved from 3 different parties displaying non loyalty and lastly trying to run on religious sentiment…

    Yes None of them are qualified execept the Jagaban….🎉

  5. Government bola tinubu please will need your help in Dubai

  6. President Tinubu is super confident in his ability and resolute about his vision

  7. The legend has spoken and his legendary has begun to speak again.

  8. He built lagos to a modern state, yet he go europe for medical treatment and vacation. He dont even send his kids to lagos universities. Another corrupt african dictator and western puppet installation… 👎

  9. Thank God for giving us Bola Tinubu to repair Nigeria and also eridicatte corruption from the country and we are happy.

  10. Thiefnubu (the Pestilence-select of INEC) is the most corrupt politician to ever emerge from Nigeria since the 1914 amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates.

    Here is a summary of his 25-point "legacy":

    1/ criminal capture of public funds (alphabeta-ism)

    2/ nepotism: his wife is Senator-for-life; daughter Iyaloja-General (controls all market levies); son toll-gate kingpin; nephew controls all BRT money; son controls all billboard levies, etc.

    3/ selfishness – self-serving, Faustian pact between him and Buhari – "it is my turn" (emilokan-ism)

    4/ imperial tendency (Bourdilon-lionism)

    5/ alliance with the murderous Fulani and refusal to speak up when Fulani commit havoc (where-is-the-cow-ism)

    6/ ambition is to finish what Buhari started (Buhari-nism)

    7/ tout-centered “structure” – Tinubu is the “capone” behind the license held by touts/area boys/agbero to extort, murder and terrorize in the entire SW. (mcoluomo-ism)

    8/ camouflaging of very obvious illness (atole-ism and pseudo-Parkinsonism)


    10/ master of waste: Tinubu and his henchmen have turned Lagos into a massive slum and Africa's least liveable city (Global Liveability Index). The fact that Lagos as the "fifth largest economy" is Africa's worst city demonstrates just how severely Tinubu and his cronies have mismanaged Lagos.

    11/ political patronage with blood money. Visit govt hospitals in Lagos; all without power, drugs and equipment, because Lagos budget disappears into the pockets of Tinubu and his henchmen

    12/ vote buying and readiness to rig and play dirty (bullion-van politics)

    13/ shady past as Yekini Amoda Ogunlere aka Sangodele (Sangodele-ism)

    14/ aiding and abetting of the mass murder of EndSARS youth (Lekki tollgate-ism)

    15/ promoting a party that produced Nigeria's worst govt ever (malignant continuity)

    16/ heroin bagman for a heroin drug ring in Chicago, USA. The U.S court asked him to forfeit about half a million dollars to the U.S. govt at the time. (international criminality)

    17/ vicious mendacity & subterfuge: no proof (direct or indirect) he attended St. John's Pry School, Aroloya or Govt College Ibadan. A man who attended school in colonial days would never use 'a egg' when talking about giving school pupils 'an egg' a day. Where are his classmates from pry, sec school and uni? Did he attend lectures ONLINE? If so he was ahead of the times. (Oluwole-ism).

    18/ no agenda for Nigeria, except to be its President (flagrant cluelessness)

    19/ plan for Nigerian youth is to conscript 50 million into the army and feed them agbado / ewa (youth-unfriendliness)

    20/ do-or-die politics: Under Tinubu’s ascendancy, the SW is the ONE & ONLY zone in Nigeria where governorship aspirants are murdered before election – Funsho Williams of Lagos, Chief Dele Arojo of Ogun State, Otunba Dipo Dina of Ogun, Dr. Deji Daramola of Ekiti. EACH OF THE FOUR VICTIMS WAS A HIGHFLIER SET TO DEFEAT TINUBU’S CANDIDATE.

    21/ Because of Tinubu's selfish and disruptive politics, the Yoruba are the only one of Nigeria's three major ethnic groups without a common front like Ohaneze in the East or ACF in the North. (divide-and-rule politics)

    22/ Tinubu “fought dirty” with his deputies (Kofo Bucknor, & Femi Pedro) and bribed Lagos House of Assembly to impeach them for being “uncooperative”. In fact one former deputy Governor, Alhaja Siantu Ojikutu has said she will renounce her Nigerian citizenship if BAT is sworn in. (‘winner-takes-it-all’ criminality)

    23/ Tinubu had no known business b4 becoming governor, but is now Nigeria’s richest politician. (mind-boggling kleptocracy)

    24/ Sharia plot: According to Vanguard of 10 July 2022 that “…Tinubu has charged the Supreme Council for Sharia in the country to set up a department of political affairs to create awareness among the faithful towards producing a Muslim President in 2023.” And that Tinubu has made “pledges to expand the reach of Sharia to the Southern States if elected.”

    25/ diplomatic nuisance: Because of Tinubu's links to the international drug trade, he is a security risk. His cartel members and foreign intelligence agencies will have compromising information on him, which they can use to bend him to their designs.

    BAT MET LAGOS WITH 20BN DEBT AND LEFT IT IN 2007 WITH A 600BN DEBT. (COMPARE OBI WHO CLEARED A 45BN DEBT & LEFT 75BN FOR THE NEW GOVT). BAT MET LAGOS WAEC RESULT AT 6TH POSITION BUT WHEN HE LEFT LAGOS HAD DROPPED TO 12TH POSITION. (COMPARE OBI WHO MET ANAMBRA WAEC AT 26TH POSITION BUT WHEN HE LEFT ANAMBRA WAS 1ST). If 50% of Lagos's funds are invested in Lagos, it would compete with Jo'burg / Dubai. Cities half Lagos population have multiple airports; Lagos has no State airport because most of its budget is stolen. (Compare PO who left so much that his successor established an airport that has Africa's longest runway, without borrowing a penny).

    While Obi focused on human devt in Anambra, BAT simply focused on stealing. For instance, Lagos has so many bridges, but BAT contributed zero to this. IBB built Mobolaji Bank Anthony bridge, Ikeja bridge & third mainland bridge; Similarly, Eko Bridge, Carter Bridge, Ido Bridge, Berger Bridge, etc. all the bridges around Isolo, Mile2, Oshodi, Ijora, etc were built by FG while Lagos was Capital (even Abacha the famous kleptomaniac built several bridges). But since 1999 when BAT’s AD/APC started stealing Lagos money, they have built only 4 bridges: Fashola (Cele-Ikotun & elastic Ikoyi bridges), Ambode (Agege Bridge), Sanwo-olu (new Ikeja Bridge). BAT built NO SINGLE Bridge for all the 8yrs he lorded over Lagos! THE ONLY BRIDGE BAT BUILT WAS A PERPETUAL LINK BETWEEN LAGOS TREASURY & HIS POCKET. NOR DID BAT BUILD ONE NEW SPECIALIST HOSPITAL, NOR A UNIVERSITY, NOR A POLYTECHNIC, NOR ANY OTHER LEGACY PROJECT. If Tinubu gets to Aso Rock (God forbid BAT thing!) he will form a paddy-paddy Govt & spend 8yrs to complaining about Buhari's govt., empty treasury, etc. and do NOTHING BUT STEAL like he did NOTHING as Governor of Lagos.

    I would not wish the Tribulations of a Tinubu leadership on a nation full of my enemies. If in spite of Tinubu's antecedents you still support him, "then the man has died in you" (according to WS).

    I laugh when people are still asking questions on who to support and vote for in the next general election. It is immoral to sit on the fence in this election. Let me expose your mind a little.

    Here is what Tinubu collects from Lagos State since leaving office in 2007 by the law passed himself as governor:

    1. 300% annual salary as severance package (approved by RMAFAC).

    2. 100% of annual basic salary of incumbent gov as salary for LIFE even after leaving office.

    3. Six new cars every 3 years

    4. A new house in Lagos, minimum 5 bedroom

    5. A new house in Abuja or any other location, minimum 5 bedroom.

    6. Free medical care for him and members of his family for life.

    7. Cooks, stewards, gardeners, and domestic staff (all pensionable).

    8. 300% of his annual basic salary as governor every 2 years as furniture allowance

    9. 100% of annual basic salary as governor as his house maintenance allowance

    10. Two DSS officers, and eight policemen to guard him (and 1 policewoman for his wife)

    11. 25% of his annual basic salary for personal assistants

    12. 30% of his annual basic salary for car maintenance

    13. 20% of his annual basic salary as utilities maintenance

    14. Pensionable drivers (no limits to the number!)

    This is apart from what he gets as a percentage of collections from Alpha Beta for tax collected for Lagos State, the various PPP projects run by him and his cronies (including the BT critical care centre in LASUTH and the mortuary) and the total control he has over the governor and the treasury.

    But see what Peter Obi has been collecting from Anambra State since he left office as governor:

    1. No gratuity

    2. No pensions

    3. No houses

    4. No cars

    5. No allowances of any kind

    6. No maintenances of any kind.

    7. No personal assistants paid by the State.

    8. No domestic staff paid by the State.

    9. No single aide sponsored by the State.

    10. Not even pure water.

    11. No shishi from the State.

    So choose you today who means well for Nigeria and who will serve the people selflessly. I am just exposing you to the truth. It is now for you to decide and to convince others. Use your reasoning. Vote and support wisely.

  11. U SEE HOW HE SAID .. free and fair.. SO AT THIS TIME THE ELECTION WAS ALREADY SET UP.. look at all the red flags.. THE CRIMINAL SPEAKS

  12. this "different" tried to attack the people of Niger, only parliament could stop him
    crazy grandfather

  13. Western media will not show what is happening in Africa. Only bits and pieces to fit their narrative. Imagine bbc has nothing about whats happening. But i am sure you all say everyday that Putin is a war criminal right? But Tony Blair, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush Snr (may he be tortured and punished in his grave) are not being hel accountable for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Yugoslavia ect?????

  14. You are Tinubu and not God and you cannot in all your wildest dream be God for one second.
    God can still do 360 degree turn around for the peace of my people Africa.

  15. A newly acquired puppet of Western Imperialists. If I was this guy, a US Imperialist President, responsible for sponsoring terrorism, distabilization and theft of natural resources in Africa, as well as the sole engineer of distabilization worldwide, would not desearve my precious time as a leader of an African nation. This man appears to be absolutely uniformed about Western Imperialists evil and imperialist agenda against our continent, particularly the United States. A nation that poses the biggest threat to world peace.

    It hasn't even been half a year since his illegally and curruptly obtained rise to power, backed by Western Imperialists, and he had already traveled to the west (UK and France) in order to pay homage to them as their newly acquired puppet. I guess that explains the quick visit. A complete disgrace to Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general. It's because of sellouts like this guy that African nations haven't, and probably would never achieve complete colonial independence from Western Imperialists.

  16. "His response and body language to being asked about his wealth is a red flag." I wish I could've been there in person. The atmosphere must've been electric!


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