If You Hold These Altcoins – GET OUT NOW (SERIOUS WARNING)

top altcoins NOT to hold this crypto bull run, these cryptocurrencies have bad tokenomics and may continue going down.

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Following a youtuber for investment advice will probably lose you all your money, in fact I guarantee it will. The only way you win in crypto is by doing your own research, having a thesis & an investment strategy to execute with. This channel is simply me documenting my personal crypto journey and making friends along the way.

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30 gedachten over “If You Hold These Altcoins – GET OUT NOW (SERIOUS WARNING)”

  1. Really, Meria is just being shilling crucially. I think you’re right that this coin won’t do well. What do you think about the NEAR Protocol? 4 days ago they launched a wallet inside Telegram and many bloggers are now talking about it and gaining points. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Some things are right, like Litecoin but you miss a lot of things…and who are you anyway? What experience do you have? R u a crypto millionaire? I wonder about random people

  3. Great content. Your views Star Atlas will be much appreciated since it falls in the old coins.

  4. Thanks for the quality content. No bullshit information.

  5. Great video ones again, keep making crypto content. I'd love you to make video about KAVA and what u think about that project.

  6. Great alternative view with some food for thought. Playa3bull though? Really? There is so much positive going here which dwarfs any tokonomic negative IMO

  7. Please do more research before you make your videos. Not everyone watching is dumb. Ok

  8. Lol, Illuvium is the best game out there – doesn't matter tokenomics. Itt will melt faces.

  9. I have just subscribed to your channel, thank you for the honest advise. Unfortunately there are too many people in crypto that are creating videos to only get views and really don't care about the negative impact of their content. Look forward to more videos, I have already joined your discord.

  10. What's your thoughts on Arcblock and lcx. Old coins but rallying

  11. Brilliant info my brother precise and to the point new sub for me my friend 🎉❤

  12. Normally I would agree, but the truth overall is: "successful" crypto projects are mostly about hype & cycle narratives. Most people don't invest cause they think that this or that is a good project. So I wouldn't underestimate the influence of influencers on the market cycles (besides obviously pump'n dump coins and chillers like Alex Becker etc.)

  13. I agree its good to be cautious being too heavily invested. I had 225 qnt but sold a third of it into AI and web3 coins as i believe these narratives will have more in them than the trends QNT will pump on. The tokenomics and long term utility make it worth hanging onto but its good to be spread

  14. You mention about ILV price per coin being an issue, but it wasn’t when it reached 2+k in the last run?

  15. QNT will rule I will not sell because you say it

  16. Thank you thank you thank you, just found your channel. Been in the market since 2020 and your channel is by far the best channel. Infact I'm going to delete 90% of who I watch. If anyone reads my comment trust me this guy whoever he is a true gent. Thank you 👍X

  17. This guy did a video on ATOR and said it was a solid best bet for this market. Few weeks later Tor states it’s not linked to ATOR and gets dumped. His followers got rekt.

  18. Yes, you need to prepare your coin briefcase for the season. Your video is very informative. I would like to draw your attention to $NEAR, it has a huge number of advantages. I have a suggestion that you make a video comparing NEAR with some coin

  19. Thanks for the warning, but bro, the bull wound is still ahead, and there’s no need to panic out of the blue. anyway, thanks for the video, my man. p.s. what can you say about NEAR Protocol? I would like to hear your opinion regarding altcoin.

  20. Bro ur channel is fire, small request from ur subs end "plz give timely update whenever u r selling ur coins in & off bull run"

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