ICP : THE TIME IS COMING…$200 INCOMING!? | Internet Computer Price Prediction

In this video I talk about all things Internet Computer – ICP!

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29 gedachten over “ICP : THE TIME IS COMING…$200 INCOMING!? | Internet Computer Price Prediction”

  1. I thought I was the only person that likes icp lol good work

  2. So, if the decentralised internet boggs down, who and how do you REPAIR it?

  3. Look. Be honest or at least smart and don't rek your followers. Icp will go to $2.

  4. Casper labs massive opportunity life changing wealth 🙌

  5. 😮man your auto tuned voice is freaking me out. Thanks for the review tho

  6. ICP has gone from $428 to $4.04 in 3 years. ICP was a FTX and MIT rug pull.

  7. ICP stinks. ICP highest MC was from ICO. A bunch of idiots bought into it at the peak of the bull run. Releasing a crypto at the peak of a bull run is short sighted.

  8. ICP will never moon since it has been an inferior blockchain copy of the superior Holochain technology. It is just a matter of time before its dead. If you don't know about Holochain, you have never done proper research. Very misleading video.

  9. I've lost so much money on this project its beyond a joke. Look at the performance and you will see nothing but a rug pull

  10. What do you'all think the internet is currently worth? $500 Trillion?
    Since ICP is the new internet, if they can just get 1% of the internet's engagement, what would that put ICP's market cap at? 🤔 👌🙏🤜🤛🔥🎉

  11. Finally you did an #Icp video i hope you're right about future price predictions …Great video #LEE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  12. You sound just like a AI robot? You don’t even sound real at all

  13. Insane Clown Posse coin? 🤔 J/K 😂 Im in this too. But not crazy heavy in it. Dunno about a $200 anytime soon. Lets get to the $20 to $50 range first and go from there! ✌️

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