ICP Internet Computer Huge Warning Signs! 🚨

Internet computer ICP was a top-performing coin last year, but it’s getting out of control! Beware if you are an ICP holder!

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DO NOT take this video as financial advice! I am not a financial advisor and this video was only made for entertainment purposes. I am not liable for any losses you may incur so always do your own research before making any investments/financial decision.
This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain.

30 gedachten over “ICP Internet Computer Huge Warning Signs! 🚨”

  1. Should I consider investing in Peppe now ??
    The idea of not investing in technology seems perplexing to me, It's a straightforward choice either we're moving in the right direction or not.

  2. Making a dedicated video more than once, just to say that ICP is not that promising is weird!!!! Why not talk about ADA, XRP, DOGE, BONK and all other non promosing alts that poeple are holding religiously for the past years

  3. Buy and sell. Dont get emotional about a "project". Noone goes broke taking profits.

  4. Don't invest in ICP and lock it for profit!! Buy my subscription it's more fun

  5. Be realistic but ICP is a no brainer. Important this is a growth yr still, may not have their proper run til next yr…

  6. Got to realize the revenue is by projects and locking on chain. This is the revenue…more users and projects buying in and using is the revenue and rewarding nodes for hosting…the company doesn’t receive direct payments. This is misinformation.

  7. ICP is a lie. How can you decentralize internet without a dns backend and partnership with ISP’s? Running a node on aws or gcp is the same as running a node using own infra as you piggy backing on centralized backends. You can’t claim that as decentralizing the internet. The reason vcs dumped icp because they treated it as a memecoin. Top projects in crypto don’t get treated like ICP. Memecoins do. If you got connections with top vcs you will know this

  8. here is How I Realized ICP a Crypto Scam (The TRUTH About Internet Computer Protocol)! 1. its a a dump-and-pump coin 2. no one speaks about it I mean top people in crypto don't even speak a letter about ICPl. 3. its already down from 750 to 12 as time of writing 4. it pumps few cents or a dollar up and down 5. After though research there are better systems and much better tech out there then this ICP. 6. soon there will be more better systems available then this shitty icp will be outdated 7. only spoken by jerry and others few who follow him soon you see next video after this someone else sys the same thing. 8. this is soon going to zero 9. Those who are speaking about it too much there is a saying too much of everything is harmful 10. those who speak about it too may have many icp bought at an all-time high and now when it crashed they propaganda so it goes up and you take the losses and they walk away with millions. 11. AVOID THIS ICP 12. ICP IS ANOTHER XRP AND TRON AND DOGE ETC ARE STATIC IN PRICE I CHALLENGE IT WONT EVEN REACH 20 LEAVE ALONE 100 OR 1000 OR 11,000 🤣🤣🤣 SOON GOING TO 5$ N 2$ N INTO CENTS 13. THERE BETTER TECH OUT THERE WHOSE PRICES ARE INCREASING STEADILY N ARE BACKED BY BINANCE N COINBASE ETC

  9. ICP 100-200 USD 2025… not tricky… Easy!!! 2030 ICP 800 USD plus….!!!

  10. I've been making a lot of losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading on a demo account is just like trading the real market. Can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

  11. So, is there little value and profit in the Inner Circle since all the fat profits seem to be with the robust VIP League? Please clarify. Can one become a crypto millionaire in 12 to 18 months in the Inner Circle? Just seeking answers.

  12. Icp doesn’t do fees. Icp is burned in cannisters. Comparing fees doesn’t make sense

  13. ICP has the best tech in all of crypto as we speak. That is huge. ICP can moon just as it can go back to it's ATL. No one can predict the future in crypto. But iff the Dfinity team and other projects in the IC ecosystem keep delivering, usage will come and adoption will follow. That is what drives the price up. Anythijg else won't last. Imagine what ckUSDC and the other ckXXX could do to the IC ecosystem. The fiture looks bright.

  14. Hit 200k today. Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you've thrown my way over the last months, I Started with just 14k last month, 2024

  15. Why would I hit the like button before I hear what you have to say?

  16. Who cares about your past? Waste…we've all made bad investments….waste of my time

  17. ICP will rule all. This is one of the reasons so much people, paid influencers organisations are against it. But if you’re smart keep a bag staked. 20yr plan is not a joke and everything built onchain.

  18. ICP and Kaspa just check so many boxes!! Dips 👍👍

  19. Still ICP is a great project >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  20. I think ICP's biggest hurdle is that they are a threat to big money makers like Google and AWS. The loss in revenue they'll face from ICP replacing their postion is something to be taken seriously. I'm a very strong believer in ICP and I think we're way too early in this bull run to be comparing trends. We're still working on recovering from the spot btc drop/correction. Institutional money still hasn't really come in. Most won't for some time still. But there will be some that will be looking to icp as the answer and as such it has the potential to excite people. And excitement in this space generates big $. Personally I'm ok with a 10x on icp this bull run.

  21. No way there are aliens out in space. They live either on the other side of Antarctica's ice wall or are in inner Earth and come out from the sea. If… if they exist

  22. Your wrong when people invest they have usually done the research (if they are smart) they will also know the negatives
    Waste of time video – again

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