ICP Crypto Is INSANE – The World Needs Internet Computer! GET READY

ICP Crypto – Internet Computer Is one of my top picks for the next bull market, I am ready for this to shock EVERYONE and Explode. Find out in my ICP price prediction.



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icp crypto token is one of the most interesting projects i have seen internet computer is the future of the web3.0 internet. price prediction news update today latest live




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icp crypto internet computer price prediction news update today live now

25 gedachten over “ICP Crypto Is INSANE – The World Needs Internet Computer! GET READY”

  1. It's a shame they don't do enough of education on their product.

  2. Did Cuban say that Eth transaction fees have "calmed" down?? Haha..hahaha..the hell is he talking about! I hate eth more and more everyday. Gas fees are still outrageous. Bought 3 meme coins and was north of $100. Floki alone was over $100 gas on Uniswap. F**k that. There has to be a better way. Noobie retail will never adopt that.

  3. Working my way to at least 50, if prices stay like this for a few more months then will go for 100. Will then just hold till bull run 🤞 💰

  4. Its a biggest sh*tcoin like chainlink and ADA

    So big future path but technically doing nothing

  5. Please do a TRB – Tellor video. 2.4 mil coins in existence only!!!

  6. I invested about 6k now it’s worth about 1k but i got it locked for at least 6 more years getting that good apy lol. Hopefully it’s 100k by then

  7. Nice video! like icp a lot. i really wonder why most youtubers not like icp. just because the ftx crap still? i also wonder why you think it will go to 1100? wot?🤔 thanks mister! 👍

  8. Yeah icp should do well it just needs people on it currently around around 750,00 people own it I think not sure just my guess could be lower or higher.

    Icp needs atleast 3 million people by now to reach near top 10 ranking if ck btc ck eth ck mutlcoins do what dfinity claim they can and if devs keep building sooner or later this should happen me personally I am bullish not financial advice just personal view which could or could not happen.

  9. Meme Doge gets Elon Musk and ICP gets Mark "Voyager' Cuban… life isn't fair.

  10. ICP is run by a DAO. The DAO is decentralized across all its voting owners. It seems to me that DAOs are much more democratic, egalitarian and transparent than publicly traded companies but that could be debated since control of even a democracy does not need to be egalitarian depending on how the voting rights are defined and distributed. Plus transparency and control are both important. Are DAOs more or less transparent than a company controlled by voting shareholders because the blockchain is more transparent? Then there is the matter of how important it is to be regulated versus transparent verses autonomous. It seems to me that the nature of most DAOs makes them far more egalitarian than most public ally traded companies. How transparent and egalitarian is Bitcoin versus fiat currencies? If the regulators are not decentralized autonomous and transparent how egalitarian is the system?

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