ICP Could Be The Crypto We’ve All Been Waiting For; Here’s Why! in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

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Are you getting FOMO feels because you missed out on your chance to invest in Ethereum while it was worth mere pennies when it first came out? Well, there’s a new contender that rivals it in the crypto space and could absolutely crush it and any other crypto that stands in its way!

Enter, ICP crypto! A new crypto that is being developed on the basis of web 3.0 that could leave all its competitors in the dust. And it’s growing fast. So hop on the ICP train before it’s too late!

If you want to learn more, watch our full video on ICP Crypto on our YouTube channel!

14 gedachten over “ICP Could Be The Crypto We’ve All Been Waiting For; Here’s Why! in 2022”

  1. Keep grinding hone! Your videos deserve more views. Even though I have no interest in ICP, your videos are great!

  2. "Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." —Francis Chan

  3. bought a big ass bag at 6 i think icp is 10 years ahead than all crypto projects

  4. Shill. This shitcoin has dumped 93% since it's listing. It was LUNA before LUNA. Only a fool would buy this garbage.

  5. $750 is not its all time high. Know your fucking facts before you talk. On day 1 of its Binance listing, the whales pumped that shit from an ICO Binance price of $250 to $2,831 (more than 10x). Claiming $750 as all-time high is not just incorrect but random. It doesn't surprise me coming from a misinformed noob like Hone Crypto. Learn the facts before making a video.

  6. Just got 7 ICP for $50. If it goes down from here it’s my fault

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