30 gedachten over “I offered 10k bitcoins for a pizza”

  1. "at the time i wasnt worth anything" yea but knowing that you now live with this feeling for rest of life i would suicide

  2. Find that piceria someone,, are they still making picas , did they keep the btc,,.. thats interesting .

  3. In 2024 it is 430000000$😂.The lesson:Don’t trade bitcoin for pizza.

  4. I applaud the interviewer for his self control. He really held the laughter inside 😅

  5. For anyone wondering how mutch it would have been valued in 2021.

    464,830,000 USD

  6. Someone somewhere must be narrating the other side of the story…

  7. Holy!!! This video has 21 million views

    It’s a sign

  8. Hop aboard for an exhilarating journey as the WESP token disrupts and transforms the conventional norms of the crypto world.

  9. How he does know that there were 2 pizzas but doesn't know what would he it's worth? He's fucking lieing. He must be doing calculation every fucking night….🤣

  10. What's the story of the guy who received 10k coins for the pizzas?

  11. 10 k BTC today would've be 420 million dollars not 80 million

  12. I bet that person had never hold even if he didn't gave to that pizza man

  13. At least give only 80% out. Keep at least 20% even if it's worthless

  14. I can see the pain in his eyes and hear the pain in his voice😢

  15. Should I give up on Trade?
    What should I do?
    How may I do better?
    What I'm I doing incorrectly?

  16. Imagine the guy who received 10k bitcoin either lost the key or also used it for 2 pizzas 😂

  17. My father is the person who took 10k Bitcoin and now I am a billionaire😊

  18. Make that photo as a NFT and sell 🙌 you'll have atleast 1btc.

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