I Love a Mama’s Boy: Shekeb’s Mom Throws Emily Out After Revealing His Plans to Move Out (Exclusi…

laatste update: 08-2022

Shekeb struggles to tell his mom, Laila, he wants to leave home and move in with his girlfriend, Emily. Naturally, Laila refuses to accept this news and proceeds to kick Emily out. ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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  1. Bro this man said just say it please. Like bro have some balls or did they shrivel up from your mother always holding onto them

  2. This is the mother from HELL this guy isn’t a man he is a child mom put him in diapers give him a baby bottle and put him in his bassist, she can’t breast feed him

  3. I think he should have taken the Afghany girl his mom brought. Then mom happy, Afghany girl happy, girlfriend eventually happy when she finds a real man, boyfriend happy pleasing mom

  4. Think this is all bullcrap. No way is this true. If it is , Emily you are a idiot to stay in this relantionship. Anyone else would have left Long ago. This is staged, and good job guys, you fooled and sucked in allot of gullible people and making money off it. I don't watch it anyways. Just saw a few clips on YouTube.

  5. Ok, so I don't support pushing someone to choose between you and their mother. Especially in her presence. Not wise at all, However the circumstances are

  6. I want to know, what are Emily's parents feelings on Shekeb? Shekeb this is YOUR MOTHER, YOU should be the one to "just say it". Come on Emily has taken so much verbal abuse with very little protection from you. Your mom will never accept it stop making excuses. Emily move on! When he decides to cut his umbilical cord he can contact you again and that's ONLY if you haven't found a new love.

  7. He doesn’t have a pair… his mom must keep them in her jewelry box because she’s got some mad control over this metro fool

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