I Just Bought REEF! | This Coin Is A MONSTER! | SLEEPING GIANT | Absolute INSANE GAINS To Come 100X

laatste update: 08-2022

I Just Bought REEF! | This Coin Is A MONSTER! | SLEEPING GIANT | Absolute INSANE GAINS To Come 100X


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30 gedachten over “I Just Bought REEF! | This Coin Is A MONSTER! | SLEEPING GIANT | Absolute INSANE GAINS To Come 100X”

  1. be careful everyone some shady things are going on with reef! there's a reddit post of the red flags to quote it: "TL/DR REEF recently added 0.5 billion tokens to the circulating supply with no explanation and are banning anyone on Telegram asking questions about it (amongst other red flags)."

  2. Ahhhhhrrrrr… so you deleted my post. You have just inspired me to start my own Youtube channel. You are the least intelligent person I have seen on youtube and have 13.4k subscribers. Shit there are some dumb people out there. Mummy Jokes anyone.

  3. I hate when people posting their quantity, cause I just have less than 15K and I need more money to fucking buy more.

  4. In the future this will be amazing to swing trade! Buy the dip sell when high! repeat! Always get your investment back then buy again! Don't sell too early i made this mistake with RVN coin last week and was crying after ): sold at £0.10p then went too £0.18p. Don't bother quoting dollar$ because it's monoply money not worth the paper its written on!

  5. I find it hard to believe. Here you are only talking based on your emotions, did not mention much of the fundamental analysis, their network effect, the technical analysis, or not much real evidence to back it up. Also, their price performance chart for the last 3 months is pretty flat compare to other tokens.

  6. The supply is actually 10 billion in circulation right now. CMC and CG have this inferomation wrong. For this to hit 10$ even it would mean the its marketcap would be like 100 billion.. A crazy and imo unachievable number. So dont get your hopes too high man..

  7. what about the warning reef had on redit where reef minted a big amount of coins with no explanation

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