I Dislike SAFEMOON (But This Update May Change My Mind)

Everyone knows I dislike SAFEMOON because of their black hat marketing and tokenomics. But this Safemoon update could change my mind (Even though it wont)! ▶ Please LIKE & subscribe for more videos like this one:

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30 gedachten over “I Dislike SAFEMOON (But This Update May Change My Mind)”

  1. No need to tell people I dislike Safemoon but what do you think? Let me know below…
    ▶ Please LIKE & subscribe for more videos like this one: https://bit.ly/3aLgeH8

  2. Glad you are correcting your perception. Utter idiot. That’s why too much experience also makes you blind

  3. They want to use block chain to measure high electricity usage which is a massive world problem thats what they a really trying to solve tokenomics is just a perk for holders

  4. As soon as you said the word “dislike” I hit the “dislike button”.

  5. You don’t know yet but fud safemoon that’s because you don’t do you’re research so how can you fud and know nothing about the project 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. This guy thinks he can fight a community as a one man Army. The only thing I FUD is ignorant people like this lmao.

  7. Bro safemoon is gonna take off. Stop trying to fool us into believing you don’t own safemoon. There’s too much going on with it.

  8. Can you speak in your next videos with sunglasses off thanks cheers!?

  9. Hahaha you even know more about safemoon than many members of safemoon.

  10. Dude who cares about what you like or don’t like it’s a free country, buying SafeMoon or not we will get to the moon without the fudders, we are here to make money.

  11. I owe you an apology for any negative comments in the past so consider this it. I should have listened to you in the past but was filled with hopium. I'm now 100% out for many reasons.

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