I cannot believe FANTOM just did *this*…

laatste update: 08-2022

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00:00 – BTC Bottom
02:10 – Wider Market Economy
02:35 – FTM Struggling
03:35 – FTM & LUNA?
04:26 – FUSD
06:31 – FTM’s thought on Stable coin
11:50 – Marketing miss?
13:54 – Fear/Greed
14:10 – BTC Consolidation
14:25 – Am I buying?
15:45 – Portfolio Advice
#Fantom #FTM #Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #Luna #Terra #UST

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25 gedachten over “I cannot believe FANTOM just did *this*…”

  1. Ite so weird fantom is so low …. whales are accumulating. Would not surprise me if they are heavily manipulating it . Moon soon with luna gone.

  2. Crypto currency and NFTS will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. $128,000 just in two weeks, Mrs Angela Cole Carr you are so amazing

  3. FTM needs to get rid of its algo stablecoin or it can have the same fate as Terra Luna. I had to sell off my FTM, lost 100k with Luna so I can’t take a chance with another algo stablecoin🀦

  4. What the heck is going on with DEI ? u think it's gunna hurt FTM cause how involved Deus is with Solidly and FTM

  5. I noticed the pullback too… I'm thinking maybe it might be a correction because ftm had a huge pump a few days ago…. The people with not much convinction who wanted to get a quick pump and dumped again when it retraced a bit.

    I think it'll pump again soon.

    Your video is covering what I was just thinking about 🀣

  6. Ftm been on life support and its hard to watch especially with all your positive optimistic outlook on it oddly enough doesnt seem to help smh

  7. I've been saving for a while, so I can invest in stocks, came across a success story of an investors that made up to $700,000 in few months from investing just $250K and I'd really appreciate it if I could get clues and pointers on how to make better profit

  8. There is a reason why alts are all failling, its because of youtubers, twitter influencers and other social media scumbags shilling one moment, Fudding another just to create content and use the sheep as their exit liquidity.

  9. I keep holding 500 ftm on my finex, and I keep an eye on it. I sold a few projects but this one seems to have something good in store

  10. Ftm marketing team are poor. Imagine announcing a revival of their already dead $fusd 2 days after ust has bottomed

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