Hyliion Holdings $HYLN Roadmap to Success in 2023 πŸ”₯ 15 Steps to EXECUTION in 2023 and Beyond πŸ’₯

#Hyliion Holdings is an electrified powertrain solutions to bring us out of the diesel dominated past and into an #EV future. #hyln stock is trading at all time low valuations and the clock is ticking. Is it time to buy hyliion stock? Sentiment will shift and leave investors wondering if they passed on the greatest wealth building opportunity this generation has seen this century!








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  1. This is one of your most articulate, honest, deep, and well presented Sunday editions yet. I have no doubt that some big players / influencers are watching your videos. You are so right on what you have said on tonight's presentation. Although, I don't partake in the social media group of a few of you guys doing this important service, I do very much appreciate what you are doing, along with many others, I'm sure.

  2. How much money do they have in the bank and how much are they Burning through? Are they going to be able to finance more debt or do some kind of share offerings to come up with money.

  3. I follow hyliion and healy and like all their posts just for the sake of hitting the like button. I don't need to read the tweet before I push like. Traction folks. The stock is cheap. Buy it, now let's promote it

  4. Thank you for a great 2022, 2023 will just be amazing. Bless you for sharing your life and wisdom with us in your united in love community:)

  5. I am holding 600 shares. Down a lot. Tiny numbers compared to many here. I think it could easily head to sub 1 and I don't have the stones to add more in my current overall economic situation. I am already back holding Palantir and adding more to either seems to risky at the moment. Going to focus on building up E Funds 1st qrt.

  6. Dude, I love your intensity of the message! Keep the foot on the pedal, you bring good points every time, and hype me up! I love it. πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ

  7. No one is happy to have red money… as earlier investors. I cross my fingers that the physic behind hyliion makes sense for the industry as it was to me 2 years ago. Waiting the ERX trucks to be certified and then sold their trucks.
    No more HYLN purchased until contracts signed in order to buy the dip. I have 3500 shares and fucking red on that…
    The HYLN can be below 2USD… so we need to wait the catalysts to rise up in 2024 – 2025…
    There is the ACT research study to compare various Truck technology is planed to be public mid 2023… This will be huge because it will be data driven comparison between multiple technologies… So, i hope my physic knowledge will match the outcome of that study… it will be a great advertissement to promote HYLN tech.

  8. Thank you for the work you put in Ryan! I hope they deliver in two to three years and become profitable at some point in the future

  9. Found Hyliion merch on ebay, just search Hyliion shirt. Great video Ryan!

  10. Good job ! I watch all your Hyliion videos , l have 4500 shares at a cost of $7.09 . Started 6/29/2020 it’s been a up and down ride Embarrassing to admit now paid as much is 47 a share but I’m in for the long ride dollar cost averaging down

  11. Ryan, I have a feeling this stock price going steep down is something that big investors insisted from Healy himself. I don't see any company's CEO letting SP going that down unintentional. It's just not viable to let all your dreams gone just because you have a tech not tested but gigantic if able to do as told. I'm more inclined that big investors told Healy – this tech is great and we will be major investors in Hyliion but bring that SP down, down alot. On the other hand OEM's know if Tesla SEMI will succeed they are in trouble. If any company on this planet can make EV semi it is Tesla only. Musk many times made revolution in few industries. OEM's needs to come to the table with Hyliion because Hyliion is their ticket for not going bankrupt. Musk is visionary and not that intersted in money, he is dedicated in disrupting so many industries and prove others HE CAN. Tesla is very able to make OEM's sink and they need to use Hyliion to continue making their trucks with different tech to compete Tesla. Of course, Tesla semi could fail (of course, ask perma shorts TSLA stock how much they are wrong last decade), and this semi revealed is not something that will radically change the industry, but in next two years, ver. 2 will go online with 700 miles and few more super important perks (faster charging, charging stations under the semi price and more novelty ideas Musk is able to think of). Unlike OEMS just like automotive industry, Musk is dead focused to kill them all with new tech. OEM's are in the early innings of "consumer auto behemots ignoring EV trend" – like Volkswagen, GM, Ford and others thinking few years back "it's not their job to secure lithium for their future cars". OEM's are toast if Tesla makes next version semi improved slightly. I don't see diesel as a monopoly future of semi trucks like it is today, rather good old tech loosing percent every year compared to more innovative tech – like hybrid semi's, Karno generator, Healy's palette ideas and fuel cell. I see diesel just like coal, slowly dying but not capitulating in few years. For Hyliion 2023 is make or break and investors like us, we will make forture in years to come or touch zero with our HYLN portfolio. Happy year 2023 for all Hyliion investors.

  12. Great work Ryan I already follow you on twitter hopefully as a community we can make a impact !

  13. Getting the EPA and Carb certification which is taking almost 6 months since June, 2022 is concerning…

  14. Agree also on the ACT interview it is the most important one where we will finaly have data driven validation on the technology in 2023… Then, need to sell the trucks

  15. 1400 shares but at $13.31 average… already accepted my loss.

  16. I'm concerned that the price of the ERX will be much higher than what we've been previously told. A recent Healy talk leads me to believe the ERX will cost close to $500,000.

  17. From an OEM manufacturer’s point of view , HYLN is like a parasite. The host wants to survive without this parasitic science fair project winner. If truth serum were taken, Peterbilt no more wants a partnership, than a burglar wants surveillance. Our only hope is a buyout. They spent too much money to design their own truck. Thomas is more bent on hiring people to dig him out of a hole, than finding himself a legitimate OEM partnership. Peterbilt might give him a trickle of 10 trucks a year at best.
    Thomas should’ve built his own truck and held all the keys to his future. This company is codependent. I’ll tell you what the market thinks of this damn company, not very much. About two dollars. I hope to hell they succeed, but we are all in one of five stages of grief. I am no longer in denial or bargaining rather, I’m in the final stage, acceptance.
    We will most likely be held to this two dollar dung heap and told supply chain constraints are the cause this same time next year.
    I’m calling Thomas a liar. If people think I’m wrong just go back and refer to his investor presentation. You can understand why they call it a spread-sheet because it came out betwixt his butt cheeks.I can’t stand his uptalk.
    I can’t stand his educational videos when sales are goose eggs. When we are on the pink sheets, who cares how educated we are. I’ve told people for decades that partnerships never work. HYLN is exhibit A.
    I admit we were hoodwinked.
    On a bright note, this presentation was awesome.
    Well delivered.

  18. Ryan great job! IMHO ths is the best balanced Hyliion assessment and I am still skeptical of TH leadership. Can you be the new Hyliion CEO lol?!

  19. 8000 shares at $5.90/share down almost 60% approx 28k 😭 long term but right now am hurting. But I like the product and it’s potential but I feel sometimes the markets are irrational πŸ€”

  20. Great point. This truck should literally be selling itself. If I can sell it, they damn sure better be able to. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  21. If you were offered a break even on your investment today but then never permitted to invest in the company again would you take it?

  22. Excellent video thanks. Please kindly πŸ™ keep up the great work πŸ™

  23. I wish hyliion put this much work into their company's success as much as you do!!! Because we are hitting lower lows every week pretty soon there is not going to be any. Sad πŸ˜” but sticking with this to the last dime.

  24. Those fools haven’t even updated their website to reflect the new year yet

  25. Please keep making videos your the only one that enlighten us about hillion on youtube

  26. 200 at 45.68 I lost all hope and I don't know if I ever will recover that much.😭

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