HUGE Binance Investment In Terra Luna Classic!

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HUGE Binance Investment In Terra Luna Classic!

🔴Binance International sign up and earn $600 in trading bonuses:

🔴Binance USA sign up and earn bonuses:

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  1. ‌Mrs Renatha have been the key to my successful trading life and couple of my friends who also trade with her. I make about $23k every month by only trading the crypto Market.

  2. You can do nothing to influence BINANCE! Stop saying stuff like this. Your channel is good but either you are ignorant or trying to mislead people listening. Binance is a company that knows how to make money $$$ You do nothing to affect that other than promote LUNA or LUNC which does nothing but help Binance.

  3. In SHIIB we trust ! Shiba Inu is on midway to the moon ! We got a negative and positive comments about SHIB but the Truth will survive finally : SHIB will become international money in the future.

  4. He gave it away. Billions of dollars will be spent to burn and develop the Terra Luna Classic chain by Binance. Add Cristiano Ronaldo and the Saudis Trillion dollar Terra Luna Classic play, LUNC heading back towards 120 dollars in the next 5 years

  5. Everything crashing and most people still thinks investing in crypto currency is just buying and holding till it rises. But the best investment on crypto currency is by putting it on trading and Forextrading.

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  18. Can you do a review on luncburnflip ?! I think we should support these kind of dapps to increase the burning rate

  19. What do you think about projects like luncburnflip ? I really liked the idea behind it, flip a coin, double your money and burn $lunc

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