HTC Vive Tracker 2.0 vs 3.0 vs Tundra Tracker VR Full Body Tracking TESTED

Hello! Here is my test of the much anticipated Vive Tracker 3.0 and Tundra Tracker VS the old faithful Vive tracker 2.0. I love full body tracking in VR and I want more people to get into it! In case you’re interested in any of these tracker or you know someone else that is interested you should send this video over to clear up any confusion.

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  1. So, in EU the new price for a set of 3 Tundra trackers after the campaign, seems to be 440 USD including tax. Straps is another 80 USD incl tax. Plus shipping. Which means Vive 3.0 suddenly isn't that expensive, compared to Tundra.

  2. i really really want to get full body trackers but bc im young and cant afford to spend over 1k i still want it really bad in the future, im gonna start working a part time job in the summer just to maybe get my dream full body trackers

  3. I went with a 3.0 simply because I missed first release of the tundra and I don't want to wait months..

  4. I want haritora but I missed the last release 😩 I’m trying to find someone to sell me theirs

  5. i am saving up money for a full kit with a quest 2 and body tracking, I've been researching a lot about it all and this video has helped me the most!!

  6. I’ve seen 2.0 trackers on Amazon that cost like 30$ for 4 and the waist strap scam or should I buy

  7. Unless Play Space Calibrator has been massively overhauled since I used to use it for Index controllers with the WMR headset, I wouldn't use trackers with Oculus. It was such a pain in the butt to use for any extended period of time, and it made playing VR something I did much less often, just because of the long setup time every time I went in.

  8. Tundra trackers have been sold out since launch, and I'm sad about it.

  9. You should put some trackers on your cat to keep her safe 😉

  10. Hey there Thrillseeker, how are you doing? Thanks for this vid!

  11. ThrillSeeker: "I will from now on say 2.0 & 3.0 to the respected HTC Vie Tracker Version, so I don't have to say HTC Vive Tracker all the time"
    Also ThrillSeeker: Says "(HTC) Vive Tracker x.0" all the time

  12. Question, how many stations can be used and can they be placed anywhere, say like walls, ceilings, on tables, etc.? As I would like to put them in the corners of the room and one on top and underneath my desk.
    Can I use a chair while using the trackers?
    *I am new to all this as I use to use VFace for only face tracking but I would like to get into full body tracking.

  13. This video never ONCE makes it clear that Full Body Tracking is basically USELESS/WORTHLESS for anything but VRChat!!! So unless you are a VRChat addicted mega-weeb like yourself, this is nothing but a MASSIVE waste of time & money! It's super disingenuous to pimp out FBT as the "future of VR today" when basically NOTHING supports it.

  14. 9:03 why does he have like a big weird triangle thing at the front of the index?

  15. I've heard multiple Vtubers say to stay away from the Tundras, They're unreliable and their customer service is nonexistent.

  16. Just got two 2.0 base stations and three 3.0 trackers. I’m so excited!!!!!!

  17. I have 4 2.0 HTC Vive base Stations, 3 HTC Vive 3.0 Trackers, 3 TrackStraps, 2 Valve index controllers, and the valve index VR headset plus the 3 dongles for the 3 trackers. Also, the bHaptic's 40x Haptic Vest and the Tactosy Arm Straps. NVidia GPU Rog Strix 4090 24GB Graphics card and i love these VR stuff i have!. Pefect fast top awesome tracking, no glitches, nothing broken, nothing bad. High end high performance and no bad jittering/no bad jitters problems. I'm very happy with my VR setup stuff i got/have for VR. My HTC Vive 3.0 Trackers and my Valve index Controllers does have about 8 hours of playtime. 1 hour to 1 hour and 40 minutes of recharging times. Most of the time it takes about 40 minutes of charging time because of fast charging adapters blocks to speed up the charging time and help give more power juice to the devices i have/use/got.

  18. man its weird hearing the confidence in his voice compared to how he sounded in for example his old vr life hacks video

  19. how many trackers do i need for the best experience ? and how many for a good average experience ?

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