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  1. They should release an Origin version without the Runes and Charms like we're all starting from the beginning. So that most people, casual players can prepare and plan for a build more realistic that is effective when the game release.

  2. I think the runes for each axie should deactivate when the axie dies.. I mean WTH.
    I was playing against a bug who reduces 50% of my shield. It was the first axie I killed but till the end of the game my shield was being reduced. What!!

  3. awesome video thanks for the update elijah keep it up 👍

  4. Someone is diving deeper on the mechanics of v3. Upload more master!

  5. Didn't the other dude misplayed? He should have killed Frontline before using kotaro and then he would guarantee killed the beast?

  6. so good to see you join origin and see the potential for competitive

  7. that's not an outplay. u just avoid to kill yourself (beast). Outplay in origin is almost impossible. We need em to add some mechanics to make the gameplay more skilled. Im working in some suggestion i will share it with u soon.

  8. I’m glad you are coming around on Origin. Your takes and match analysis are second to none!

  9. Thank god you are finally done bitching and trying to save v2. v3 is the future.

  10. 25% of 15 shield is less than 4 damage. Tu would not die, mate.

  11. In the end luck still counts a lot, twice Elijah could have lost if he was hit by kotaro.

  12. Does topaz also work on Banished Revenge Cards??? Please reply

  13. Too late to be back creating content again in my opinion 🙁

  14. Let's save V2 then post multiple origin guides haha Origins sucks thats reality.

  15. Thank you for the nice video and actually for the nice content you provide us with. Appreciate it.

  16. Do you think there is any long term value for Japanese virgins? I have a Kendama, Hamaya and Umaibo!

  17. People were saying at start of origin its not that fun. Did it get better?

  18. This video is super usefull for me, im actually using almost the same team. Another counter i already face was an axie with doubletalk+rocket charm, negate the beast every time it draw.

  19. Have you encountered the bluemoon spam? almost endless attack.

  20. Hi Elijah. Since we only have a finite time to play V2. Shall we start transferring our earned in game SLP to Ronin prior the official season of V3?

  21. 10:38 the extra 5 damage comes from the Rune attached to your beast. Endless anger gives 2 rage per turn and adds 1 extra damage per rage stack on the axies attacks.

  22. hey am confused regarding , what if i sell axies witch i had in axie classic after selling still i can have axie in origin ? to be honest i quit playing axie classic almost 5 month so help me plz?

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