How to use PANCAKESWAP with TRUST Wallet to BUY Catecoin, Safemoon Etc | Dapp Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial on how to connect on PancakeSwap using Trust Wallet and buy BSC coins like Safemoon, Catecoin, Lemur Finance, Pig Finance, etc. Check video to learn more!

✅ How to Sell on Pancakeswap


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30 gedachten over “How to use PANCAKESWAP with TRUST Wallet to BUY Catecoin, Safemoon Etc | Dapp Tutorial”

  1. I was unable to sell my coin when I had a signal to sell because I was unable to sell to tried it several time but was unable and have lost all my bnb it hurts a lot

  2. Pump and Dump scheme is "BIG SCAM". They create useless token and they trick people to buy their useless token. These scammers behind this scheme run away your hard earn money….

  3. Hi sir I don't have binance account provide a video which will start direct on trust wallet not the way you are starting from binance account

  4. Quick question that can't we deposit binance smart chain directly from binance rather than swapping it later on trust wallet or

  5. good evening bro, please I missed your Christmas pump because my phone have issues please bro can you add me please I bef

  6. hi thanks for the video, I am on android phone, trying to change to "Expert mode" then I get message: type "confirm" but I can type it anywgere…how to do?

  7. Who is working with Crypto Pump Power CPP?
    Does he is real and everything works with him?

  8. Bro please help…. Why we can't sell tokens in today pump LSY token there are showing prblm

  9. You are saying you don't have any telegram group right but I see one group is that right or wrong where pump signals are given ?

  10. Please how can I buy Eco value coin on trust wallet

  11. If you are coming from telegram group its a scam don't trust on him …He is a big cheater don't trust on him

  12. I can't sell any token and my all money finish 😢.. can you make a sell video also

  13. I followed your telegram account and you asked me to but wint coin and i did everything according to your signal and when the seling time came i couldnt sell and also i tried to contact you. You didnt respond. I lost my $450. Is it a scam??!!!😢

  14. I bought a token that you indicated in a pump and I lost it because I couldn't sell it, I lost my money.

  15. Can any one help me? I have done the steps but when I tried to sell using the signal given then the error occurred Ther error was *(Unknown Error Execution reverted with reason STF. try Increase your slippage tolerance/ Please help after 5 min, The value dropped and I got flushed out

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