How to use Limit Orders (on GDAX and Bittrex) and Why It’s a Great Strategic Tool

Do you know how to properly user limit orders in your cryptocurrency trading/holding strategy? Here is an overview of how to use limit orders and why they’re an important tool in your crypto arsenal.

This video is primarily for folks who are new to the crypto space. If your an intermediate or expert, just check out my other videos for more daily analysis type content!

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30 gedachten over “How to use Limit Orders (on GDAX and Bittrex) and Why It’s a Great Strategic Tool”

  1. I don't understand why 95% of my limit orders are rejecting all time.

  2. If I'm selling ASAP I'm always putting the price one cent above the current price. If buying, one cent below the current price. The bots fighting each other often switch prices by 0.01$ every couple of seconds. With little luck you'll buy crypto in an uptrend without fees.

  3. so if i want to sell 9 LTC at a 180, is it 9 for 180 EACH or 9 for 180 ONLY? noob question, sorry. Thanks!

  4. Rob, I just discovered you and would like to see a vid from you addressing a specific situation. I have purchased LITECOIN on GDAX and it's going up. I have set a sell order for when it hits $275. It's been trending up the last 6 days or so, and is currently at $148.XX. QUESTION: can I leave my sell order in place and also set a stop/loss order that will allow the market price of the coin to go up past my loss point and only sell at my loss point IF the market price THEN DROPS to it? Or can you not have two orders placed for the same investment? Thanks.

  5. This trick is no longer working. My limit order to buy and sell has been rejected immediately. You may need to update your video with new technique.

  6. Ripple had a great run last year, lets see what this one brings! 33nbhzS7ExqiJXEFyzxrZPLTPu5zW2EWZE

  7. quick question. if ETH is at $500 and i want to sell if it goes down to $495. Do i use the Limit/Sell feature or is the Limit/Sell only if the price goes to like $505 and i want to sell there? Meaning, can i use the LIMIT/SELL to protect myself from price decline or do i need to use a Stop/Loss for that?

  8. Whenever I've used a limit order, the the price has just continued down instead of me catching the dip.

  9. if I sit up order to sill BTC thinking the price will go up but it did not, after how long my order will be cancel? or I have to cancel it by my self ? is there a fee for sit up limit order? because it seems way better than using market order and market order include fee. it does not make sense to me. Thank you

  10. Thank you – I finally understand how to execute a simple buy "limit" order now. Too much confusing info out there on sell orders!

  11. I doubt i will get an answer but i'll try, so here is my question.
    Lets say i want to short bitcoin using a limit order, the price is 10,010 and i feel at 10,000 its going to drop, so i put a limit order in at 10,000 why does it buy it up at 10,010 still?
    Thanks if anyone can help.

  12. I'm new to your channel just found you great beginning advice for me, going to go watch all your other videos LOL just subbed give you a thumbs up

  13. In the course of trading crypto some traders will eventually tell you that either you lose or gain in trading but in my humble heart i see it as no case in losing at all, be determined and be bold that's why i got a simple and honest trade expert like Sir #MaxNeilLiLung. Reach out to him out, and google search his strategy.

  14. You've explained this 500x better than any video I have ever discovered today, and I have been watching Coinbase Pro videos for at least 5 hours. Thank you!

  15. This was very helpful to me a newbie to cryptocurrency thank you..

  16. Can someone tell me how to transfer my bitcoin from coinbase to coinbase Pro,

  17. Thank you bro very helpful follow me on instagram @mistahbbells

  18. Hi!!! @/bittrex disabled my account when #bitcoin was ramping up in January-February 2021. I have been waiting for 6 weeks, and they don't tell me the reason my account of almost 4 years is disabled. Do you have any advice? My money is trapped.

  19. On CoinbasePro, limit orders are executed at the limit, BUT THEY should be executed at the limit price, OR BETTER… What is with that???

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