How to Transition From Grove Token to Grove Coin (SAFEMOON)

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  1. DAY 3 .. I am still trying to convert token to coin with Safemoon Wallet. I get this error.. ANONE??? have the same issue and knows how to fix it?
    " Unable to perform the operation Reload the application and try again. I have been trying to do this for tha past 2 days. what do I do now?

  2. Thank you sooooo much for posting this. I was having problems until your video. I have my tokens converted to coins now. Thank you!

  3. John Karony has a back door to the Safemoon wallet via Obital Shield. A worrying amount of holders are getting their tokens stolen.

  4. ใน ETH chain ยังทำไม่ได้

  5. I’m so opportune that irrespective of the economy crisis and financial conditions I'm still able to earn $19,500 returns from my initial $3500 every 7 days. Crypto investment is the really profitable…

  6. I cant transition from token to coin in any device need help please!

  7. Yes, I stake GVR token on the original site, now it doesn't work, it won't let me withdraw. There are many victims who have not yet been able to unstake and have not yet been mentioned. So to stake GRV coin again is stupid, because GRV coin is still a token on BSC, there is no bochain, and when they have bochain, they will exchange it for real GRV coin again. And then, in the event of a stake on the website, the stakeholder is forgotten and their property locked up indefinitely. will happen again When the time comes you will understand. That they have been scammed….and they will market the real GRV coin on another website. Left you guys to fall into a black hole. There is no way out. I wanted to tell John G about this, but I haven't received any response yet.

  8. I can't find my Grove on MEXC EXCHANGE. What has happened to my Grove on MEXC. His grove rug pull

  9. Hi, I did all that, but I got this. High risk detected. This address is unsafe as identified by AvengerDAO.
    Continuing may result in complete loss of funds. I have my gvr in trust wallet. It shows my balance and I choose 100 percent. Why do I keep getting that message. Says continue at your own risk.

  10. Why I can't unstake my Grovetoken V1 to change to GroveCoin V2?

  11. I don’t see my grovetoken at all on my Safemoon Wallet and I don’t know what to do cause my balance shows $0.00
    Could you help me please find out what is going on!

  12. And my Safemoon Wallet doesn’t show Grovetoken it shows Grovec and $0.00 balance

  13. How Transition Grove Token to Grove coin SafePal walet please

  14. Still not working! This is starting to get really frikkin irritating!

  15. I cant choose bnb and it just say unable please tey again later anyone else having this problem

  16. Is the percentage pull down for the AMOUNT of tokens you are exchanging?

  17. Mine doesn't come up with balance but says wallet is connected? And on my other phone it comes up saying net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME any ideas ?

  18. My wallet will not connect. It keeps taking me to the SafeMoon website. Tokens do not automatically appear as they do in the video. Also, the QR code reads as invalid in the SafeMoon app.

  19. It says I have “insufficient funds for gas* price + value” when I try to migrate my tokens?

  20. Great video..

    Anyone having further issues with transition should kindly send a mail to the GRV support Gmail address above for guidance !

  21. Can you make a video how to withdraw grv token convert to cash?

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