How To Start DAY TRADING – Becoming A Crypto Trader IN 30 DAYS

In this video, I’m going to show you what I would do if I had to start my day trading journey over again. My goal is to save you from wasting money, and most importantly TIME.

I’ll show you what to focus on, and what to avoid, as well as all the necessary tools to get started the right way.

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Video Chapters:
0:00​ – Intro
1:01 – Beginner Trader Focus
2:50 – Pro Trader Math
5:54 – Setting Up A Trade
8:08 – Using Leverage
10:40 – Backtesting Your Strategy
11:40 – Practice Your Trades With Bar Replay
13:00 – Student Success


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30 gedachten over “How To Start DAY TRADING – Becoming A Crypto Trader IN 30 DAYS”

  1. Obviously, I'm late to the party as this video is two months old. Based on the top comments, everyone is making money off crypto, and from following your steps. However, you promote leveraged trading and yet you're not explaining the costs associated with using leverage/margin and the possible consequences should the trade go against you. You state the risk is the same, but how is this so if you're essentially borrowing funds to place bigger trades that come with associated costs? Also, you state the liquidation price and that's basically your margin call, right? If the trade goes against you, the investor still used excess funds in order to place a larger trade and now has to pay those funds back with added fees and/or interest. Am I missing something here? I just think it's kind of scummy to not outline the possible cons of using your approach/methodology. Does your calculator even incorporate fees when calculating its projected profit? Idk man, I hope your video doesn't negatively impact any new investor following your steps.

  2. Michael, thanks for you awesome strategies! I trust you for 100%🍋

  3. This is impressive content you have here, There's something I'd always share concerning working with a financial professional can actually help you prepare for life financial struggles. I'm glad I was able to call my coach John Desmond Heppolette since I was actively cashing out from my portfolio and finally made over 370k just in the first quarter while everyone else was crying about the downturn. early this year.

  4. I’m a new trader and still trying to learn and I understand when people set their stop loss and target. But what I don’t understand is when they flip it like in this video. How do u make money out of it? It’s not like u can earn more if sell when it goes down. I thought that maybe it’s when they buy but then why would they use the stop loss? Can someone explain please?

  5. Would love to see you cover an intro to Options as well – particularly with a focus on what platforms can be (safely) used to offer different trading styles.
    You see @foxifytrade? I think you'd like them – options & perps, permissionless trading, incredible user interface, and a generous affiliate program.


  7. Thanks for guiding us always, have been following your channel. I also came across a trading platform called CoinCatch, I use it for trading futures. What do you think about it?

  8. Michael knows how to make money, that's for sure… Thank you for your lessons

  9. On the beginning you literally said my story.. Profit, wait with loss to get profit, much much loss and now it's time to teach myself haha😂

  10. For salary earners having a passive source of income is the best thing you could have , because aside the the fact that it isn’t always enough you could lose your job any day at any time , have something to fall back to is crucial , for me it is trading the Forex and crypto market and no I didn’t have that much knowledge to begin to earn that’s why I said passive income, I leave the profit making to the pro like my Advisor ' Gary Craig Raymond ' who has been doing a wonderful job

  11. Is there any video that teach the basics for beginners, from zero ,even to read that screen ?

  12. If someone promises you to become a trader in 30 days, run away

  13. Michael, your tactics are incredible Which one are you recommend for the beginners?😁

  14. If somebody wants to be a trader, start from the Michael's videos and you will understand how it works

  15. Sometimes it´s best to acknowledge that this kind of stuff is not for me and should be left to the professionals.
    but thanks for your video.
    do you trade for others?

  16. Every great trader knows this method, but for the beginner it can be shock…

  17. Thanks for this update ,
    I always use ascent exchange and it’s been doing well and great I’ll appreciate if you can make a video and research about them

  18. Im a beginner and I do not understand how the max loss can still only be 25$ when leverage is increased to 50x

  19. You are awesome! Thank you Craig. Excellent Teacher. What you have explained at the beginning is exactly 100% true. I also experienced the same and gave up trading. I have gone through 100's,1000's videos. All are explaining the market with enthusiasm and not showing the reality where beginners got trapped and lose their money.
    In this video, you have clearly explained the risk factor involved and most importantly you have taught us how to avoid the risk and minimize the risk while taking the profits.
    Thank you so much.

  20. thanks for the information, I will use it later, because now I am learning forex trading in the nfc community.

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