How to Stake Axie Infinity AXS Tokens with Ronin Wallet & Binance

In this video, I’m going to show you 2 ways to stake your Axie Infinity AXS tokens and earn up to 124% APY. First, I provide an overview of the AXS tokens, then I demonstrate how to connect to the Axie Infinity Staking Dashboard by creating a new Ronin wallet, and how to transfer your tokens from the Ethereum Network to the Ronin Network, how to stake, claim and compound your Axie. Before finally showing you a second method for staking.

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00:45 What is Axie Infinity AXS Tokens
01:48 How to Stake AXS with Axie Infinity
02:06 How to Create a Ronin Wallet
03:22 How to Connect Trezor to Ronin
04:04 How to Transfer AXS tokens to Ronin Network
04:13 Transferring Tokens using Ronin Bridge
04:37 Withdrawing AXS on the Ronin Network using Binance
06:17 How to get Free Ron Transactions
07:06 Staking Axie
07:32 How to Claim or Re-Stake AXS
08:10 How to Stake AXS with Binance Earn

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30 gedachten over “How to Stake Axie Infinity AXS Tokens with Ronin Wallet & Binance”

  1. I tried sending from coinbase and it didn't seem to work, do you know if what I am doing is possible I am from the US.

  2. Thank you for this video, I came up against the 'You've used up today's free transactions' but didn't realise I had to buy some other stuff in order to complete the transaction until I had watched your video tutorial. Made it much clearer.

  3. I just made a ronin wallet account with their new mobile app, can we stake from it ??

  4. thank you Every Bit Helps ! is it possible to stake 1 AXS please ?

  5. lots of bad reviews on google chrome about Ronin wallet, and people getting their funds hacked and stolen. Seems unsafe

  6. do you know if there is a maximum amount of AXS you can stake or is it unlimited?

  7. Thank you. You are providing real value with these instructional vids. Like!

  8. This is extremely complicated. So the part where you have to do those last few transactions to actually get the ronin wallet approved onto the staking dashboard and then setup that additional account on the marketplace to get the fee waived does not work. I can not get pass that part. It keeps failing. This shit is definitely something that requires a Financial advisor. Extremely complicated and hard to do because of all the layers of steps involved in the process. All this just to get the token staked is insane. I feel awful for newbies. I’ve been in crypto for years and can’t do this so I know it’s almost impossible for newbies to do it.

  9. Great tutorial video! Tried watching a few others here on YT and yours was by far the best – very thorough and easy to follow all they way from creating the wallet, transferring from Binance, and staking. Many thanks!

  10. What do ya think, is it possible to quit your job and play only NFTcraft? I want to do it, but I need advice from an experienced expert.

  11. Thank You Louise, another fantastic education video. Very much appreciated. I feel I learn so much from your snappy short videos and your teaching style 🙂

  12. I think best I create Axie account and Marketplace account. Seems there's lots of benefits on Axie and Ronan Wallet. Binance Staking tends to sell out frequently and does not have restake option

  13. Is it possible to get more free RON tokens for the transactions? I am running out of the 100 received originally.

  14. Hi, where is much better to stake? Higher apy? Ronin or binance? Tnx

  15. I had been restaking AXS almost daily since November. All of a sudden, as of the middle of March, I am unable to restake because my Ronin wallet tells me I have insufficient RON. What happened to the 100 free daily transactions?

  16. Is ronin wallet safe though, I thought they just got hacked in 2022?

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