How To Short Bitcoin To USD on Bittrex

laatste update: 05-2022

Bittrex are now trading in USD in BTC which is great news.
I found it easy to apply to have my bank in Australia included – Commonwealth Bank.
This video shows how to short BTC into USD on Bittrex so that you can choose to profit in USD or BTC.

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  1. This is normal long-trading. True shorting involves borrowing BTC or other coin from the exchange (not possible on Bittrex) and selling it immediately for USD. Then buying it back at a lower price thus keeping the difference that arises in USD. 🙂

  2. If Bitcoin were a Physical currency, and let's say you Flew to Atlantis from Australia for vacation, As soon as You land in Atlantis, you will have to "Sell" your AUSSIE Dollars to "BUY" Atlantis Bitcoin, You would now be Short Aussie and Long Bitcoin. It's a simultaneous transaction. The only way to be "Short" something is to be in "Debt", Just like when you are "Short" 10 dollars to pay a bill you "OWE". So let's say you are in Australia and someone loans you 100 Bitcoin that has to be paid back in 1 week. So you quickly sell it for 100 Aussie, Bitcoin falls in value by the end of the week, so you buy the same 100 Bitcoin back at a lower value for 50 Aussie and you return that 100 bitcoin back to the person that loaned it to you. How much Aussie will you make on that transaction? It would be $50 Aussie.

  3. that is just a normal long trade that you close out. This has nothing to do with Shorting. Stick to online marketing. You are doing the people a disservice with your misinformation

  4. Whenever you sell BTC you must already have BTC transferred and deposited in your brokers BTC wallet. Short selling implies you do not have the asset and must borrow it from your broker.

  5. How is this the 1st shorting video to pop up in Google? I've never shorted before but even I know that's just BUYING AND SELLING?? No shorts there??🤯🙈

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