How to prepare for an Internet Computer (ICP) bull run!!!

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Discussing plans for the next upcoming bull run!

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None of this is financial advice, we are not financial advisors. We are ICP/ NFT enthusiasts. We like ICP and like to report on the information we find. There’s a lot of risk in cryptocurrency and NFTs. If you want to learn about opportubities the conmunity deems worthy watch this video!

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9 gedachten over “How to prepare for an Internet Computer (ICP) bull run!!!”

  1. I’m just starting out in the ICP ecosystem thanks for the info guys keep it coming 👍

  2. Had a blast Guys!! One of my favorite collabs with you guys. We all need to visit Crypto Wendy and Bitboy one day! They would love us!

  3. Now that there have been big corrections in the crypto market, NFT has been growing in all aspects, I strongly believe that the digital crypto asset NFTs will take over the market in no time

  4. so i guess the general consensus is ICP is going to hit 50 billion marketcap this next bullrun

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