How to Play Futures Battle on Binance | #Binance Official Guide in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

💡 Binance newly introduced a new gamification product “Battle”. You will be able to experience cryptocurrency transactions while playing. The rules are simple: You only need to predict the short or long directions in the next 5 minutes and start the battle. The players who predicted the opposite directions will be matched automatically. Beat your opponent to get points!

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How to Win in a Battle 01:30

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17 gedachten over “How to Play Futures Battle on Binance | #Binance Official Guide in 2022”

  1. Welcome to crypto casino, because liquidation wasn’t enough for these guys xD

  2. OMG THIS IS EASIER THAN LEVERAGE (AND THEY GOT 20X)!!!! Payouts are fishy tho

  3. and what are the payouts if you winn a battle? for example if i go long with 1 contract (worth of 5usd)? will i win 5usd? and if I lose, will I lose just 5usd? @Binance Academy

  4. but nobody explain how you can get the money that you make with the battle…it would have been nice if you had explain how much commission fees are for every transaction….

  5. Do not use battle, stay away from it. This thing is made only for the broker to win, even when you win you will loose a big portion due to commissions, the leverages are not properly setup.

  6. how much do we win? a fixed amout or just the actual profit made by our investement like in a normal trading?
    if its a fixed amount what is the amount?

  7. Nice, I can do this instead of playing video games thanks binance 😎✅

  8. When your broker open PvP battle on cryptomarket you know this is bubbles xD

  9. you will just gonna lose money whether you win or lose .
    binace now scamming people.

  10. i **won 49** games out of 60
    and i still lost money over all !!!!
    feels like a scam game lol

  11. what kind of fees are there and how many percentage or flat amount are they?

  12. Why do Binance Academy videos never actually explain anything? Is it some kind of piss take?

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