How To Move Crypto From Etoro To Wallet

How To Move Crypto From Etoro To Wallet

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  1. I want to transfert my Shiba Inu to my Coinbase account. How do I go about doing it. How much will it cost me to send to wallets and how long will it take ? These are the questions I need answered. I also have XRP and LUNAC. Do I have to pay for each crypto. Which would mean that just for me to put them in my coinbase wallet, I would have to pay 6 fees and wait for how long ?

  2. Why arent they answering our specific questions? I want out quickly and without fees please? That is a natural expectation.

  3. I have some crypto in etoro and want to take it out and put into my cold wallet using my Ledger NanoX. What would be the best most economical method to do this? Would it be better to just sell the crypto I have in etoro and buy it back with my Ledger Nano-X Thank you for your help. Tim

  4. when one transfers out of Etorro to a external wallet.can that crypto then be placed and sold in any exchange?

  5. To be clear about this. If I transfer my XRP to the etoro money app I can still send it to a cold wallet. I font have to send it to binance first I hope.

  6. @Global Money Academy Thanks a lot dude. Really great explanation and I love what you are doing. Could I ask something which I do not understand: Suppose I have some coins on etoro platform, lets say bitcoins for 100.000 USD. But I am afraid that something may happen, speculations that Etoro goes bust / bankrupt , or whatever… and refund in the terms and conditions is only limited to 20.000 usd. What is the best way to keep my coins safe? is etoro wallet giving that safety, so no matter what happens with etoro, I will have my coins safe? Or on a usb stick, or what? This topic of cryptocurrency I really do not understand. I would appreciate your answer

  7. Yeah I had NOT IDEA that you can only transfer a select few coins from eToro to a wallet and you can't transfer back again if you want to sell. That is so shit.

  8. What’s the maximum amount of bitcoin I can transfer from etoro to blockchain

  9. How do I transfer my Bitcoin from the eToro platform to the Etoro wallet

  10. Thanks for your video… very very educative….
    Do u have any information, whether etoro will/ is supporting the new GALA Tokens air drop ?

  11. is my money safe in Etoro in the uk? I have 2000 units XRP and want to keep it safe, ready for when it becomes valuable to trade with, any help would be great 🙏

  12. Thank you for all of your assistance. Adriannotch We would not have finished the job on time if it hadn't been for your hard work, patience, and agility. You're fantastic!❤❤

  13. Hello I've taken money from my bank account today ot is showing but for some reason wont ket ne buy bitcoin with it please help?

  14. Would it be easier or cost effective if I sold my crypto on e toro then buy into another platform

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