How to mine TRON (TRX) Coins @Home – GPU mining on Windows 10

In this video, I present how to mine TRON (TRX) coins using a simple mining pool.
Please note that you will need a good Graphics card to do profitable mining.

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Unmineable TRON (TRX) mining:

Lolminer download link:

Lol Miner command (replace [WALLET_ADDRESS] with your wallet address):
lolMiner.exe –algo ETHASH –pool –user TRX:[WALLET_ADDRESS].YourWorkerName#x3dm-mwmp –ethstratum ETHPROXY

Lol Miner example (To run in CMD, in LolMiner folder):
lolMiner.exe –algo ETHASH –pool –user TRX:TMciw7s2sWfrm4LwcWBoFxiUqx3mb8DAgH.myPC#x3dm-mwmp –ethstratum ETHPROXY

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  1. Is it important to download both unminable and lolminer to be able to mine

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