How to Mine Monero (XMR) on Microsoft Windows 10 PC

This video will demonstrate to you exactly how to create a wallet, find a pool, and start mining Monero (XMR). This video sticks to exactly what you need to do and there’s no extra fluff added in. If you want to start mining Monero on your Mac today, then this video is for you.

Links referred to in the video
1. – wallet
2. – mining pool stat
3. – mining software

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0:00 How to setup a Monero (XMR) wallet on windows
2:27 How to download Xmrigh on Windows (Microsoft Windows 10)
3:46 How to add an exception to Windows Security –
4:42 How to find a Monero(XMR) pool
5:20 How to configure xmrig for Monero on Windows
6:23 How to run xmrig on windows (Microsoft windows 10)
7:39 How to verify Monero (XMR) mining on Windows

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