How to mine Monero in Linux with you CPU!

In this video I discuss how to mine Monero (XMR) using your CPU in Linux!


CentOS Minimal –
XMRig –
Huge Pages – –
RandomX Benchmarks –

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25 gedachten over “How to mine Monero in Linux with you CPU!”

  1. I was skeptical at first but after Cyberteam0 on telegram getting referred by my aunt I had no cause to be worries anymore..

  2. How and where to use bash and echo command in this ,so we can run multiple instances from this

  3. how do I get xmr in wallet? how come I know that it is sending xmr to my wallet.

  4. Is it possible to have this only use cores/threads that are not being used by other processes? I have a remote server I use for torrenting/plex and would like to make sure xmrig doesnt interfere with those and use up all resources

  5. How profitable is to mine Monero?
    1. price for electricity vs price of Monero
    2. What machine is good for it? Can I mine on Core2Duo for example? I've seen videos on mining or Raspberry Pi is it a valid option?

  6. Is there a way to raise the hashrate in the xmrig script (config.json file)? I'm mining with a Ryzen 5 2600 at 2121 KH / s

  7. i have created a monero wallet and i found my monero wallet adress
    but when i type ./xmrig : it gives me no such file or directory .

    please help me brother

  8. Hello..
    at 2:46 of the video playback, you talk about the wallet ,,,

    just in the line below the wallet, there is a password "x", should i set this password in my wallet or not?

    thank you very much, I'm from Brazil.

  9. hi! i have 2 questions. why the pool is donate v2 xmrig com 3333? and how can i change it?

  10. hey any help on how to mine in the background in linux on a vps when i cancel the terminal it also stop the mining process
    any way i can mine without connecting to the ssh sever

  11. Nice Guide man. Detailed and is easy to understand too. Kepp it UP⏫

  12. I appreciate the video Crypto. But as a Linux noob, you are going way to fast and not really explaining things as you would to a noob. Half the commands you are typing just lead to it saying, file not found, lol. Anyway, thanks for the effort, but I guess I need to look somewhere else for how to build and run this.

  13. 2 pentium g850s, a core 2 quad 8400 and occasionally a core i5 4590… Who said I had to be rich in graphics cards I'm already sitting on a pile of money. (JK)

  14. I’m getting a Floating point exception (core dumped) message when I try to run ./xmrig is there anything I can do?

  15. Using linux for the first time on this new rig and I had no idea what I was doing (I come from windows) but even with no prior knowledge, I was able to get it done thanks to your video!

  16. can i use my pc with ryzen and 1 r590?if yes how i connegt the gpu

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