How To Mine Dash Coin, AMD GPU Miner Guide.

laatste update: 06-2022

Today i show you how to mine Dasch coin by using your AMD Graphic cards like the RX 470s (100% Mining speed) and RX 480s (125% Mining speed)!
The miner is originaly from, but to make it easy you can download it from here:

To check your mining status:

And if you want to buy some mining hardware or anything else while supporting the channel go to:

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  1. Can you be more detail how to download this I want to mine soon but the software is hard to find and to figure how to get it going please help 💯

  2. thanks for the help 😀 FYI your download link would not let my Norton security ignore it, so had to get the program straight from the Dash guys website, then norton was able to ignore it. THANKS!! UP AND RUNNING!!

  3. Crazy hearing u say Ethereum was $30 lol Lookin at this vid now in Nov 2018 and on the low it’s around $210 ha HODL

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