In this video I will show you How to Mine Cryptocurrency / Crypto Mining on any PC / Computer Easily. #minecrypto #cryptomining #crypto


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30 gedachten over “How to MINE CRYPTOCURRENCY on your PC”

  1. Bro I also have a i5 4570 but I always shows bench mark error.why????

  2. hey, whenever i paste the verification code I get this error "Session Time skew detected"

  3. All transactions work successful dealing with BTTECH1 crypto platform

  4. What currency are you mining in this video. And can I mine dogecoin on this software

  5. I didn't understand what it means to empty the computer, can it destroy my computer or something?

  6. Thanks for sharing this I was looking for this ❤ your video is great

  7. Please how do one connect the miner to the PC or laptop

  8. When withdrawing the mined amount to the wallet should we pay any amount first to get our mined amount to our wallet?

  9. I remember in 2010 when I did not knew the concept of Bitcoin as a 15 year old and just ran the miner for lol. I'd think that mining a Bitcoin back in the old days was pretty easy and fast. Looking back at this time, I lost a HUGE opportunity. It was the most easiest way in human history to become a millionaire when you started around 2009 – 2010.

  10. i keep getting error openCL error unkown i tried reinstalling didnt do anything

  11. Good job man. I've been watching a lot of these videos on how to turn an old PC into a Bitcoin minor, and I just can't believe how many people are unable to accomplish that simple task. All they do is keep talking about their equipment and showing us all their stuff and telling us we can do it and blah blah blah blah blah. They never stop talking and show us how to get it done. They just keep telling us "you can do it" … But never show us how. I think one of the things to point out to everybody, this is all just for fun. Don't expect to make a bunch of money, or that you're going to create new blocks on the blockchain (I mean maybe if you get incredibly lucky), but this is just about having fun, and goofing around with some old equipment. Please don't take this too seriously folks. Just for fun! Anyway, that said, good job on the video. Going to do it just for fun and see what happens. 😎👍

  12. If I search ur vids and see you have related content I know that problem is solved

    Can you recommend vpn

  13. i have mcafee and when the installer finished and when i clicked finish it said it has quarantined it. But a file called app_nhm.exe comes up how do i fix this? Also i cannot find this app_nhm.exe in my file explorer

  14. Will this hurt anything in my computer or my cpu or gpu, I’m just worried it could make my computer slow over time

  15. Wait what does it do to our GPU and CPU does it get weaker or a bad pc?

  16. Hi do you think an intel core i7-i9 and a gtx 4070 will be good for this?

  17. bro my laptop support i2 processor and 4gb ram. how many earn in a day

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