How To Migrate To V2 SAFEMOON On The Safemoon Wallet

In this video I’ll be taking you through the process I used to migrate from Safemoon V1 to Safemoon V2 on the Safemoon Wallet.

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30 gedachten over “How To Migrate To V2 SAFEMOON On The Safemoon Wallet”

  1. I rather hold v1 in trust and buy v2 so I don't lose so many through the bs migration

  2. Hi anyone can help. I accidentally bought safemoon today on v1 old address , now my coins bought not showing ???

  3. Hi Cora, great video. Made things easy. I still have a low number of v1 showing in my wallet? Any idea why this is the case?

  4. Is it to late for me? My v1 coins are in the app but I don’t see the option to swap it. The app is updated to v2

  5. Why don’t u make a video of safemoon scaming us out of our tokens with 100% tax on V1 , but that would take some balls from you I guess

  6. How much SAFEMOOn to buy enough bnb to have enough gas to transfer?

  7. Thanks Cora, my question is that, how long will it take for the zeros to change to the price?

  8. How to migrate from mexc exchange to safemoon wallet with min fee?

  9. Mine shows Not enough BNB available as gas to swap. Which BNB?

  10. I hate the fact that I have to pay again to BNB just to convert what I already pay them to buy ?? Like for every $100 they charge $3 not mentioning the – 12% or higher??? Someone it is making money out this cryp_ to thing

  11. Can we use v2 on the trust wallet? Do we need to migrate over to the safemoon app?

  12. Hi! I swapped about 450 000 000 Safemoon from my TrustWallet to the Safemoon before updating the V2. It was a succeful transaction but it says 0 Safemoon transfered on my TrustWallet and on BSC. Did i lost them ?

  13. Can' any one help? I have safemoon wallet and safemoon under the eth chain. It will not let me consolidate

  14. When I go to swap SafeMoon from v1 to v2 on the SafeMoon wallet After clicking swap the SafeMoon token does not appear under select tokens ! Can anyone help with this

  15. I recently migrated my V1 to V2 from the Trust wallet to the SafeMoon Wallet. However, my SM Wallet has not been updated, it still says $0 balance. It's about a week Any tips?

  16. Thank you! I'm working on this right now, then paying off my house!

  17. Wait so I have 49 million tokens and want to swap but am coming out with 49 thousand tokens. Is this correct?

  18. Ooh ok I saw your other video not this one because I was wondering why I couldn't swap but because I need bnb

  19. If I have no bnb and can not buy bnb where I live is it still possible to upgrade to v2.

  20. Some of my safemoone tokens are visible on bscscan I transferred to safemoon wallets but are not visible in wallet some tokens appear in reflection

  21. I also have old tokens on probit global exchange but they haven't changed in V2 yet

  22. Hey cora I bought safemoon v1 tonight on pancakeswap but I don't get coins in my wallet can u plz help me out to get bk my funds or coins thanks…

  23. might need some help swapping. Do I purchase the smart chain BNB from the "safemoon wallet app" or "trust wallet"

  24. Have 5.3million token and it's asking for 4-5$ BnB fee it's just too much even the safemoon v1 is worth 3$. Why it's asking for so much high price?

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