How to Make NFT Digital Art for Beginners (2022)

How to Make NFT Digital Art for Beginners 2022!

In this video I show you how you can make a digital art NFT as a complete in just under 10 minutes and Mint it on any NFT Marketplace to SELL.

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  1. I would love to use my art for nft I'm just nervous it won't sell I would love to have that positive mindset

  2. Can anyone tell me it important to make nft art on pixels.. pls tell me i am soo confused.

  3. If you are interested in joining a team of beginners let me know

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  5. Thanks l just made 42$ next l will make better nfts and increase the price

  6. I am a 41 Year Old Professional Graphic Designer and have been Mining Crypto since 2019 and found out about NFTs in 202 and thank to you little buddy I place my FIRST NFT for sale on 2 websites!!!!! Thank you so VERY MUCH!!! And since I watched your video until the end I am going to help you out!!! Since you said you cant draw, I am SERIOUSLY TELLING you to look in AI Art Generators like Midjourney, Nightcafe, Artbreeder, those should start you on your way and they are ALL FREE but alo offer paid subscription. Very cheap, about 10 USD monthly and you can take ANY image and run it through the generator and it will become a masterpiece for your NFT….All is here on YouTube to help guide you with tutorials on how to use them. It can even be done from your Smart Phone. You help me out little man! Thank you so much!!!! Merry Christmas, I hope you have a GREAT one because you made mines FANTASIC and Happy! Take care little guy!

  7. Why she talk too much… Same words she repeat again and made the video so big unnecessary..

  8. FYI the image resizer program you mentioned is NO LONGER onlline – doesn't have an active DNS address.

  9. Thank you so so much. You made it just so simple. And I understand this whole idea now. Thank you so much.
    Please can you make another simple video about how to sell your nft?
    Thank you so much ^^

  10. I really love the explanation, perfect for a beginner and I got instantly motivated after watching this video

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