How To Make Money with NFT: Crypto-Art on… by Henry D. Stone · Audiobook preview


How To Make Money with NFT: Crypto-Art on Blockchain: how to Invest, Create, Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens
Authored by Henry D. Stone
Narrated by Helpful Matthew



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Did you just find out about NFTs?

Are you looking to discover how you can make a profit on the NFT disrupting revolution?

Do you want to jump in as an artist, designer, or creator? Or as a real estate agent, designer, or investor? Are you finding it tricky to get all the information in the same place?

“How To Make Money with NFT” offers comprehensive information regarding this new profitable and promising trend. In this guide, you’ll find out How to:

– Create your own NFTs: Step by step instructions on all aspects of NFT creation, including what types of content to use, where to source content, adding artistic design and writing the NFT’s description.
– Mint your NFTs: You’ll learn the process of how to get your NFTs on the blockchain.
– Sell your NFTs: We’ll go through the whole process, including creating a collection, and the different options such as setting a price or starting an auction.
– Buy NFTs: What you’ll need to bid on and purchase NFTs, and how to avoid getting scammed.

Get a grip on NFTs and learn how to get in the game.

It’s not often that a brand-new investment comes along that revolutionizes how we buy and sell digital assets. But that’s what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) did. Built on blockchain tech, NFTs are shaking up the world of digital commodity investing.

And you can get your slice of the pie before everyone jumps into the arena.


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Language: English
Publisher: Youcanprint
Published on: March 17, 2022
ISBN: 9791221400137
Duration: 5 hr, 23 min
Genres: Business & Economics / Investments & Securities / General