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7000$ using simple strategy #trading #shorts #crypto #trading #indicator #tradingview #makemoney #tradingview

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  1. 😂if you buy an indicator from someone that trades on binance you’re just stupid

  2. O investimento em criptomoedas me trouxe grande sucesso!!! Independentemente da depressão econômica, posso me gabar de mais de $ 12.000 por semana em meu investimento. Obrigado por seu foco em ações de qualidade. bênçãos

  3. Invest 1.000€ in Pepe for 10.000€ that’s it $pepe

  4. Hello everyone! I am trying to conduct an analysis of the crypto market for myself. I have invested in BTC, WINPt Token, ETH, SOL, and Shiba. Can you recommend which cryptocurrency to invest my money in? Please share your experience😃


  6. TPiN8dqSnXQfFGbcd8WJqPtBeHVyE7ERg1
    throw a couple of usdt🙏(trc 20)

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