How to Freeze Tron TRX – Energy and Bandwidth Explained

How to Freeze Tron TRX – Energy and Bandwidth Explained, in this video I’m going to show you how to freeze tron for energy and how to freeze tron for bandwidth.

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28 gedachten over “How to Freeze Tron TRX – Energy and Bandwidth Explained”

  1. 80 mil was the peak, im guessing it'll have 40-60 mil for the next few sessions

  2. Hey I finally got tronlink account. Please direct me to video that shows (FROM SCRATCH) how to stake tron for 888 dividents. I have a lot of tron sitting and getting me only about 100 TRX per day divs. I know I can get more.

  3. To get those trx (70K etc) that you show on this video, how much trx are you freezing or risking. I still don't understand this stuff.

  4. Dude I like you but you ramble on your videos, correcting yourself, going back, rechecking, not being sure, etc. You have to be clear and know what your plan is before you record these. YOu know it others don't

  5. You are not a teacher obviously. HOW DO YOU MINE. YOU RAMBLE AND DONT TEACH. This is what you do to mine 888. Step 1. step 2. I don't give a shit about the divs, who's making what. How the &&^^%%$ do you do it?

  6. And stop with "I'm an idiot" etc. Doesn't make you look good or smart. Just trying to help you.

  7. How did you go from abour 1000 888 tokens to almost 3000 tokens in 3 days? Mining or purchase mor tokens. Thanks

  8. do the divs for frozen 888 get paid out at the end of the stage or every day at 10pm like how ante did?

  9. Good video I don't know how to mind I really don't understand it but I got all my Tron frozen in energy or bandwidth what do u yall think good or bad

  10. I froze my energy and now my account says "out of energy" now I have to wait 3 days to unfreeze. You should only freeze for bandwidth not energy.

  11. Anyone know if 888 Tron is still profitable? I see the comments are months old, I'm just new to this. Cheers

  12. So exactly how much bandwidth would it cost to transfer say 1 million trx?

  13. "I've lost more money in this space than I have earned". This should tell you everything you need to know kids. Move along now.

  14. It's BEEN 5 days and there is no button 2. Unfreeze.

  15. I've been getting other coins. Not tron yet. I got 159.00 wink today

  16. I froze 16,000 And voted with 16,000.
    I'm SCARED I list my coins.

  17. So I voted for seed. I get paid in seed. I don't know how to exchange seed yet for trx.

  18. so should I give votes for the project I use regularly? Can you clarify pls…

  19. Why am I watching a 20 minute video for something that should take 2 minutes per the title this took way too long

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