How To Fix Stale, Invalid & Rejected Shares

In this video I explain how to fix the stale / invalid share which is a common problem for beginners when crypto coin mining. I explain what causes stale / invalid shares and what you need to do to fix it.

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  1. I have a 5GPU rig. My newest install (GPU5) keeps getting rejected shares – Provided PoW solution is invalid. Any advice?

  2. Very nice vid. I had one rig with 8 AMD RX570s and I got them up to 32Mh/s but then started kicking a lot of rejected shares. I pulled back my overclocking to 27 Mh/s but was still getting the rejected shares. It turned out to be one extra parameter in Phoenix Miner causing the issue. I pulled that and was able to go back up to the higher hash rates and it's running well now. Thanks for the video.

  3. i have 100% rejected shares ?? it happened ever since my PC crashed

  4. Mining Ethereum on claymore dual miner.
    Getting a lot of incorrect shares as of late all of a sudden.
    Will try fixes. However, what your/anyone's opinion…
    Brand new gaming PC, not even 2 months old, pre-built but looks pretty decent, ASRock B450M/ac mobo, TForce Vulcan Z 16 (2×8) 3000MHz RAM, & RTX 2060 KO Gaming GPU.
    Here's the thing using Afterburner I OCed my 2060 +200MHz to core clock, and +1250MHz memory clock (core voltage/power limit untouched because it seems hardwire set) and I've been gaming stable with OC settings 3 hours minimum every night for over a month. For mining I normally run all settings to lowest settings possible and only memory clock +750 OC, again stable for a month, and just for lulz I ran max OC setting of +1500 to memory for ONLY a day (24h) just to see if it would hold without getting incorrect or stale shares or crashing and it did.
    Fast forward about three weeks and now for whatever reason it can't even run past +1000 memory clock for 5 minutes before getting my first incorrect share and counting.

    Do I need to reset some settings? Pinging from eu1 and us2 (where I'm from, California) all results were under 20ms max/min/avg, both pools, about 2ms difference from each other.
    Is this a sign that my GPU is slowly dying? I keep glass panel off and max temp is 58°c – 62°c, but 80% of the time it stays hovering 56°c – 58°c. My GPU can't be suffering from degrading issues, right?

    Anyway. I'm assuming it's just unstable overclock, but then how was it stable for hours before and now at less overclock settings performance is lower? Whatever advice is appreciated.

  5. I’m in Canada why does eu1 give less ping than us1 and us2

  6. Your powerline adapters will give you soo much more lag than WIFI
    Cause there has to be done calculations, so you can translate a network cable into a powercable
    So I would rather use some good wifi router, or get same cables running threw your house than using these adapters

  7. so i am plagued with invalid shares. i have two gpu in my system. port 1 is the only one thats giving me invalid shares. I know its not the gpu because i have switched them and i set it on really low clocking. I am almost convinced that its my MB. If you have any more suggestions please share.

  8. T:62c, P:110W, F:70%, E:423kh/w, R:1.1.25% what is that R in the end, sometime is 0, sometime more?

  9. thumbs up very helpful have a really good day mate god bless your brother

  10. stale shares its not about latency, its because of your OC setting + power. adjust more power if you got stale share with your OC setting.

  11. The problem I am having is "Incorrect shares"…Anyone know what is going on with that? Half my cards don't get rejected shares. The other half do? Same card, same settings?

  12. Could CPU mining cause the GPUs to get rejected shares? I ask since I had two 3080s running for 3 weeks with no rejected shares. I decided to try to mine some XMR with the CPU and over the course of one night I had 13 rejected shares between two cards.

  13. Hey Lee, thanks for that Video, but well… i have pinged the server and it shows me an average of 6ms. But i still have about 16,38% of stale shares with phoenixminer. And it also started to give me incorrect shares … now like 5 incorrect in 25 hours. Didnt chanched anything, before it was 0 incorrect in 24 hours. hope for some heling tipps. greetings

  14. Can i have a eth ?


  15. Hi! i have a question i have problems if i change ther server? i lost my mining time? im on US1 and i wanna change to US2 have better ping…

  16. 15ms ping to server using fiber connection and still got stale? then how to fix that lol

  17. i have like 1-2 rejected shares each day is it bad for a rtx 3090? should i worry?

  18. I have a rig with 8 cards, 5700 xt, 3 x 6600 xt, 3 r9 390s and one 1060. Only the 6600xt cards get stale shares, and all 3 get them. None of the other cards get stale shares. This has been going on for a week. I am on gigabyte wired connection. This is not a network issue.

  19. my ping shows 23ms in CMD but in the Miner it shows 145-150ms , what to do , Please help mining on a singe rtx 3060ti

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