How to Create and Sell an NFT on OpenSea!

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  2. I’m just gonna take someone else’s, most NFTs aren’t protected by copyright laws so imma go do that

  3. It's really crazy how much misinformation is shared in this video. And it's even crazier how many people in the comments have no clue what they're talking about. 🤣

  4. Tysm!!! I made 45 dollars two weeks ago and now I have 304!!

  5. it’s not even hard i just signed up took me about 30 minutes but you’re able to upload pictures and videos. here’s an idea, download free online content and try to resell. if it’s public domain you can repost others content because they provide it free. pick a couple niches and try them out i haven’t made money yet but i’m gonna learn how to.🙌🏻🙏🏻📈

  6. Now you just got to promote/market it which costs money…

  7. I have someone that wants to buy some of my art with ETH through NFT. I have no money right now. Can i still do this? i really need this.

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