How to Create an ICP(Internet Computer) wallet address on your Mobile

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β–Ί In this video, I’m sharing a tutorial on how to create an ICP wallet or you can also say how to create an Internet computer wallet address. Now I’m showing you how to do this on your mobile device only. So guys let’s go! πŸ™‚

β–Ί Topics covered:

1. How to create an ICP wallet address?
2. How to create ICP wallet address on mobile?
3. How to install ICP wallet address app?


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30 gedachten over “How to Create an ICP(Internet Computer) wallet address on your Mobile”

  1. I wrote down my seeds phrase very carefully when I createdmy wallet, now after while I want to recover my wallet with 100 ICP in it, it asking for seed phrase. I entered all of them but still respond is not correct phrases. Is phrases with user ID 25 or more because the site keep asking me 24 phrases short put all of them but there is not more then 24 phrases ? Does anyone has any suggestions……..?

  2. It's means i store my ICP Coins here for Long-term?

  3. Is this nns dot ico dot app legit ? Is there a possibility we lose our coins in it ?

  4. It’s saying that I have to put it in my security key in the usb Connection. Don’t know what to do and how to go further on. Any recommendation?

  5. I wonder if the recent low was the bottom for ICP? I think not. πŸ€” I predict pain pain pain.

  6. can I do it on my computer too or does it works better on mobile?

  7. Hello! Ive made my ISP wallet on the pfone but click later on the buuton with Seed pfrase and now I cant find how to generate a seed?

  8. bro …i cant copy revovery phrase…..its only allowing me to click yubikey option..what can i do now

  9. Can't we transfer it to trust wallet? As i have all my coins there & easy to handle one single wallet then multiple wallet. Whats you opinion on this?

  10. Website say that your browser is not supporting, even if I add latest version of chrome and Firefox ,icp website show same statement.

  11. Any clue how to get rid of this wallet after u set it up so they no longer have your information??? I created a nns wallet now want it deleted

  12. using my mac, after putting my device name, it's telling me to "insert my security key and touch it" with usb stick image… didn't receive any security key at all. There's no any other option to choose from, any idea?? Thanks!

  13. perdona mi pregunta en espaΓ±ol, Que pasa si no pones el nombre de tu telefono y pones un nombre cualquiera?

  14. Hi
    I have some icp in plug wallet.its a extension wallet for chrom. How i can recover wallet with seed phrase in nns wallet?

  15. How much coins is it possible to stake for 8 years and what's the apy. Thank you

  16. Wow this is just what I needed thanksβœŠπŸΎβœŠπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜

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