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  1. i need to know those good till canceled etc functions? there are two right. what does that mean. i need detailed explanation. anyone?

  2. Liked and subscribed. Thank you for such a well done video! Bittrex has a great interface but it is sure confusing at first. Now I need to find a video explaining candles. BTW, I stoped watching 3 videos before yours on Bittrex stop limits and they were all nearly unwatchable. You have a real knack for teaching, I hope you keep it up.

  3. Amazing.. I've been watching different videos on how to trade on bittrex but none of them were so immersive. Thank you for such a good video..!! Thumbs up..!!

  4. hi sam thanks for the video got a few more questions needed, I tried to click the link to join your signals group but that didn't work? anyway else we can be in contact

  5. MY BITTREX ACCOUNT WAS JUST HACKED…after my first trade, my account was hacked and my wallet emptied. I was using 2FA and had a withdrawal white list enabled. BE CAREFUL

  6. It is fantastic to see a video with a presenter who dosnt fuck around endlessly with useless information. Thanks for giving us exactly what we need. Great video.

  7. Thank you. This video is worth a like and sub. Unlike other videos this is very informative and easy to follow. Thanks again. I bought two different AltCoins using Bittrex from this Video.

  8. Hi .. How can I tell at what price I bought an Alt coin from order history or anywhere in Bittrex ? like it says on coinbase? as i want to know how much I paid for an altcoin at the time vs how much it is now? I am confused on how to calculate though bitcoin percentage numbers? please HELP… Thank you

  9. Simple and clear video! I'm new to Bittrex. I tried to make a $5 buy order which was 0.0037585 btc. It was too small. Then I saw that the minimum order you can place is 0.01 btc which is 100,000 satoshis. A bit annoying, I would say, seeing they take 0.25% of every trade you make. That can add up very quickly, very quickly!! I'm coming from Gdax where if you are outside the market orders you can make free buys and sells…….Except when the market is in high volume and moving fast (meaning when you need quick execution the most), then they change the rules and you can't place a buy or sell order anywhere near the market to save your life!!!! It will say "Post only." Not ethical on Gdax part to change the rules like that. I have lost hundreds between that and frozen screens, website update drops and finding you are staring at an outdated page or part of page. Having to use 3 devices when the market is volatile, and seeing 3 different prices….. FUN FUN FUN!!! Growing pains??? I sure hope Bittrex is better. Seems they have better tools as well. Thank you for reading my rant!

  10. The vedio in the "support" section of Bittrex is still confusing after watching it four times. Frustrated, I came upon your vedio and found an oasis … consoling water droplet music, and your pace of voice with pauses of the mouse in the right places … actually relaxed me … thanks.

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