How to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency on Bittrex

laatste update: 08-2022

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    I bought 2.66345037 ETC at 0.00225313 and the total cost of purchase was 0.00601612 BTC.
    I sold the same 2.66345037 ETC at 0.00226088 but was credited with only 0.00600671 BTC.
    Note the SP is higher than the BP yet I apparently got even less than I bought.
    I raised this issue with Bittrex support but haven't received any response in 5 days, despite multiple attempts to contact them.
    This may seem like a small amount, but consider if it happens on a much larger scale (multiple times/accounts) or on much larger sums.

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  6. i am new to crypto currencies and use bittrex for my trading platform and also have blockchain and coinbase the question i have is once I am happy with the profits i make and sell on bittrex how do i send to my blockchain and then to my private bank account?

  7. Hi, can I use Bittrex to exchange monero? I'm mining XMR with a javascript that I insert to my site using platform but I'm looking a safe platform to exchange monero periodicly, quickly and safer wihtout fraud risk.

  8. im working with hitbtc almost 7 month old and on this week I withdrawed a big amount, the main profit was due to the btc dropped rate. with a withdrawal was all okay as usually

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  10. Hi guys. If you want to trade on your iPhone i've made an app for that. Search for BitTrack – Crypto Tracker on the iOS Appstore.

  11. Dm @discrete.hackzzz on instagram to purchase/invest bitcoin or other cryptocurriencies at cheaper rates…he is legit…I got btc off him recently and I’ve made money through his trading

  12. Bonjour, je viens de Paris, je n'ai aucune idée sur le commerce des pièces et aussi sur le fonctionnement du marché, j'encouragerai tout conseil qui m'aidera.

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