How to Buy Polymath on Bittrex and Store in a Ledger Nano S in 2022

laatste update: 08-2022

The CryptoDad shows you how to purchase Polymath using the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange. Since you can’t purchase on Bittrex directly with US dollars, I will show you how to transfer funds from Coinbase into Bittrex to make your purchase. I will also show you how to transfer your Polymath tokens to the Ledger Nano S for safe and secure storage.

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7 gedachten over “How to Buy Polymath on Bittrex and Store in a Ledger Nano S in 2022”

  1. currently just bought POLY but I don't quite understand how the process works for transferring to Nana S Ledger. I usually just go from the exchange account and deposit directly into the Nano. Do I have to get another online wallet to make this transfer, and if so, can you explain why I need to do this? I realize POLY is not supported on the Nano S, and it must have something to do with the kind of token it is, but maybe this is where the confusion starts. Should I get an Ethereum wallet like you have or has this changed since the posting of this video to a better alternative since these things move so much?

    Right now I have my POLY on the binance exchange where I bought it using BTC from coinbase pro. Coinbase charges such outrageous fees for using debit cards and I was also wondering if you have any better ways, as far as fees go? Is the bittrex exchange cheaper in transfer fees to use this for POLY ?

    I have too many questions in this post and maybe can reduce it to what kind of wallet I need to transfer to Nano S and why i need to do this using Etherium? Also cheapest way with no delays as of today to buy or POLY? If you want to PM me with more detail I would appreciate it as I find your videos very helpful and have helped me get started in how to buy these crytpos but now I see tokens and somewhat confused.

  2. Do you still use myetherwallet to do this transaction today? If not, is there any other online wallet you can use or can you transfer directly to nano S? Thanks for video, even though update needed for me.

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