How to add a LOGO to your own token. Create and add a logo to your own cryptocurrency token!

Have you made your own crypto token on the binance smart chain? Than you probably want to add a logo to your own cryptocurrency as well. Here at Fomotion we talk about all the secrets, new coins, hidden gems and making your own token. I have made multiple video’s on how to create your own coin, now it’s time to add a logo to it!

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0:00 Making your own token
0:44 How to make/get a logo for your token?
2:19 Add a logo to your crypto token

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  1. The answer is $OGN and how to get the #20 as the prize? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info but you haven't released the video of how we can put a logo on coinmarketcap

  3. Can i get Verify & Publish Contract Source Code video link ?

  4. That contract code doesn't work when you try to paste it in BSCSCAN. Do you have an recent video explaining how to fix this. I see a lot of people asking the same question before?

  5. No longer works, just goes to a contact us form :/, have you got an updated version to add a logo? thanks

  6. Does anyone know where you go to pay to add your logo in 24 hours ? I’ve been waiting for a couple weeks now 😅

  7. Does anyone know how to access the page where you can pay bsc scan to have your crypto token added within 24 hours

  8. Does anyone know how to contact the bsc scan page where you can pay to have your token label added in 24 hours

  9. Why not just add tokenURI and logoURI variables:into the smart contract?

  10. Does anyone know how much they charge for the expedited service to add icon?

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