How the playoff rules have CHANGED and impact the Chiefs! Red Friday Q&A

Let’s talk Damar Hamlin update, NFL postseason rule changes, and Chiefs vs Raiders
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30 gedachten over “How the playoff rules have CHANGED and impact the Chiefs! Red Friday Q&A”

  1. I think the Bengals are the one that got screwed by this rule change. There was a chance they can get the #1 Seed, but now it is just impossible in any scenario. They are the one that got screwed big time. Apparently, the Bengals were going to beat the Bills in that Monday night game.

  2. I moved to Az not knowing they would host the SB. I'm a tailgate twice as hard. Let's go

  3. Nobody was gonna be completely happy no matter what decision the league would have made either way. I think they decision they made was the best one given the situation. There’s a good chance Patrick Mahomes breaks the record in one game he’s thrown over 400 yards against the 49ers… 420 yards I think 🤔 Unfortunately the Bengals got shafted on the scenario that the league decided on there are also neutral sites involved in a couple of scenarios. Patrick will come out on 🔥 because he wants that record I’m sure of it. I’m expecting a lot of red to show up in Vegas on game day. McKinnon has been part of the reason why we are 13-3 he’s been quite the offensive weapon for being 30 years old.

  4. I feel like it really doesn't matter where the Chiefs play they're probably going to win especially if it's in postseason play

  5. 44-30 Chiefs. 2 garbage time TDs to keep our D midpack. Good cuz other teams think we suck. 🤪🤣

  6. It is the Kansas City that got hurt, not the Chiefs, the city may lose millions of dollars. The Chiefs went from being the favorites to win the one seed, about 60% to a 92% chance to win the 1.25 seed, and no chance, although it was only like a 5% chance to not be the three seed.

    The Bengals now have 0% chance to win the one seed instead of about 5%, and about a 10% chance to not get a home playoff game. They gain a 100% chance to win the division instead of 90%. They have about a 15% chance to move up to the two seed, which is down from 45%.

    The Ravens lose a 10% chance to win the division, but their chances to get a home playoff game is the same at about 10%.
    The Ravens should not steal their home game though, the Ravens should instead be the four seed, as a possible division winner which better record then the Jags or Titans.

    The bills had an over 50-50 chance to drop to the third seed change to about 15%, and get an 80% chance not to have to play in Arrrowhead if both teams make it there. However, their odds drop from 33% to 8% to get the one seed.

    Overall winners: The Buffalo Bills. They pretty much get two home games and a neutral game if things go as expected, when they had a 50-50 chance to only get one game at home, and would have to play the Bengals and then the Chiefs on the road. 2. Buffalo, not the team. 3. Whatever "neutral" city is picked.

    Losers: Cincinnati, The downgrade from a likely 2 to a 3 is devastating, and the 10% chance to lose your one home game to a coin flip is terrible. 2. Kansas City, not the team. 3. Cincinnati, not the team.

    Slight Loser: The Ravens

    Side grade: The Chiefs

  7. No one should be upset. Its the most fair and balanced. Just play and win.

  8. I'm watching this after the fact, and I'm at 1:15:00 into it. Total FIRE!! So chill, so real. ❤️‍🔥💯

  9. I made so many comments. But I missed it live!! Cole, you're so natural! Much love

  10. Well at least we're finally having an AFC championship without 60 thousand people screaming whenever the chiefs offense isn't on the field.

  11. What in the case that bengals and bills didnt clinch the playoff?

  12. I have a suggestion. The NFL should build in to future seasons schedules a non-scheduled week, a BYE week at the end of the regular schedule and prior to the playoffs. This provides a built in remedy to replay/resume any game that was suspended without changing a bunch of rules that nobody likes. It also provides a rest and healing week before the playoffs.

  13. I would like a GIFT MEMBERSHIP if any are available! 🙂 Go Chieeeeeefs!

  14. Chiefs being the only team not involved in this fiasco is getting screwed.
    Buffalo forfeited that game.
    I don't know why the league is twisting themselves into a pretzel trying to fix a problem that they created by allowing those teams not to finish the game….
    The more they do, the more unfair it becomes for the teams that weren't involved….

  15. We should've just handled business when we played Buffalo. That's where the blame truly lies.

  16. Chiefs getting screwed by losing home field advantage against Bills but I guess a sort of poetic justice for their unfair victory from stolen game against the Raiders when an obvious caught ball was ruled incorrectly by disgusting refs.

  17. Not really Chiefs fault because it was the refs fault but they should have home field advantage against the Bills who already got a free bi week in cancelled game.

  18. Chiefs and Bengals are already getting an unfair advantage because they got a free bi week in cancelled game.

  19. Red u sound scared of bills bengals lol 😂 don’t be bruh u wanna play the best and beat the best kc can beat bengals and bills trust in mohomes Reid in playoffs last year was our liar

  20. Red u sound scared of bills bengals lol 😂 don’t be bruh u wanna play the best and beat the best kc can beat bengals and bills trust in mohomes Reid in playoffs last year was our liar

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