29 gedachten over “How The Dogecoin Millionaire LOST $3 MILLION”

  1. Rip to all the people that still believe in a comeback of that trash coin 🗿

  2. Lol never have to work again? That's why people stay poor. The mega rich come into money? They just work harder. Getting that much money means start a buisness

  3. Bro if you are able to make a million bucks sell immediately. You can easily take a big chunk of that and live great for a while then re invest the rest. Why sit on it all. So dumb.

  4. Bro has to think of this everyday on his way to workin💀💀

  5. “never have to work a day in your life” wouldve sold then and there

  6. Greed!!!! Re-invest with less money so when it does crash you won't lose EVERYTHING!!!!

  7. you tried to talk logic into a man who sold EVERYTHING HE HAD for $150k, then spent the ENTIRE $150k on dogecoin. you really thought that man would quit bc you told him to?

  8. If he had the brains to cash out, he wouldn't have mortgaged everything to invest in a meme coin in the first place

  9. There’s no way dude lived it down. I’m sure he’s probly severely depressed or very bad anger problem. How could u not? I mean he was thinkin nah ima hold out like bit coin only he ate it….

  10. Would that have giving him true happiness, no so it doesn't matter. If it were a life, it is much different.

  11. How the law sues going for you ?
    Am stocked you’re not talking about stocks or giving people advice on what to buy..

  12. As from the begging everyone knows cyber currency is a short term buy full of risk Laugh at those whose lose their money because it was foolish to begin with lol

  13. he could to halfway – sell 50%. it would be still good money. he would stay with worthless token aaaand 1,5 mil usd. greed not always is good

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