How Much Will 500,000 AMP Be Worth in 2025? | AMP Price Prediction

In this video I talk about all things AMP! (Flexa & SPEDN)

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0:00 Intro & Disclaimer
0:17 Price Target Number 1 & AMP Utility Explained
3:54 Price Target Number 2
4:47 Price Target Number 3
6:45 Outro

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  1. Hi bro. Hope you doing well. Can you make a video on gala again with recent news like imternal strife happening between co founders and what this will have impact on its future price. Thanks for your hard work. Really appreciate it.

  2. You should do a video soon on the shitty GALA news and how that might screw price action and future perfomrance.

  3. It's absolutely insane how slept on this currency is. I hear absolutely no one talk about it, but the potential for this is absolutely huge. I most definitely will be loading on this. $0.001834 is the price of AMP as of 9/8/23. I would love to come back to this comment in 2025 just to shock myself 😂

  4. The AMP token will also be used with the Ampera foundation in defi. It will be used with two use cases which are payments with Flexa and used as a governance token within the Ampera protocol. Lots of things happening.

  5. thank you guys, I have collected this new amp… permission to request VTHO, ICP, ARWEAVE, SHIBA INU, SLP if you like. Greetings, I'm Irwan from Indonesia

  6. eCash & AMP i think could lead the next bull run eCash as the best scaleable layer 1 mixing nakamoto and avalanche consensus together and AMP which makes everything else usable, any coin, any app etc etc.

    good video budy

  7. I have millions of amp. I am down ninety nine percent. The team behind amp is the worse team of any project. They lie incessantly and bring nothing to fruition. The over promise and don’t deliver. They don’t even explain what happened or anything. So. They are blatantly lying for years now to steal money from investors. I have been stuck in this dumpster fire since early 2021. Down big time on this.

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