How much does the Ryzen 5 2600x make Monero XMR

How much does the Ryzen 2 make Monero XMR..

That’s right, we have some hands on the new Ryzen 2600, taking a look at what is hashes at, what it can make per day and some overclock settings of the farm!

Want to get yourself the Ryzen 5 2600?
– 239$ in stock

need a motherboard for it?
– 75$ in stock

need ram?
– rgb style 8g 110$ in stock

need a monster GPU to mine monero with?
– msi rx 580 323$ in stock

need a powersupply?
– 750w g Evga – 115$ in stock

need riser cards?
– 6pack xplomos – 45.99$ in stock

m.2 adapter –



**I’m not your dad, if you don’t have money to invest or spend, don’t spend it. This is my opinion and you don’t have to agree. Spend or buy at your own risk**

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  1. I have the ryzen 5 1600, running on V2 right now on Nicehash. Currently at 505 H/s, making $0.82 a day. Pretty damn good id say.

  2. Here are some data for CPU hashing

    These test uses the default setting for XMRig-2.6.0-beta2_2 as of 4/24/2018 635a

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 3.750 GHz 1340 H/s XMRig Cryptonight v7

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.7 GHz 710 H/s XMRig Cryptonight v7

    Intel i7 5930K 4.2 Ghz 467 H/s XMRig Cryptonight v7

    Intel i7 3570k 4.3 GHz 245 H/s XMRig Cryptonight v7

  3. That's awesome. Every video like this makes it harder to wait to get my rig built.

  4. Hi! I have a ryzen 2600 also, do you have a tutorial of how to mine with the CPU? or at least, could you tell me wich mining program r u using? (claymore? awesome miner? simple miner?) and wich pool? (nanopool? mining pool hub?)

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